Madigan Spends, Directs $542,000 More Money to Ness Campaign to Bury Skillicorn

The $542,000 is just the money that has flowed in since July 1st.

Suzanne Ness

When we last looked at big donations going to Democratic Party State Rep. candidate Suzanne Ness, it was the third week of August.

There has been a lot of activity reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections since then.

Ness has received $484,558.82 more assistance in Mike Madigan’s campaign to send Allen Skillicorn to the showers.

That’s in addition to the $59,570.63 previously reported.

Here’s the summary:

  • From Madigan-controlled PACs – $100,458.82
  • From Democratic Party State Reps. – $219,500
  • From unions – $164,600

Besides the $2,000 previously, reported donation by Sprinkler Fitters Local 281, the following unions have contributed:

  • Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund – $10,000
  • Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE – $25,000
  • Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Committee – $57,800
  • Liuna Chicago Laborers’ District Council Political Action Committee – $57,800
  • SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC – $15,000

Democratic Party State Representatives have given the following:

  • Daniel Didech Campaign Committee (Buffalo Grove) – $57,800
  • Citizens for Gregory Harris (Chicago) – $57,800
  • Friends to Elect Kathleen Willis (Addison) – $46,100
  • Friends of Natalie Manley (Joliet) – $57,800

Mike Madigan-controlled organizations contributed the following in his effort to bury sharp critic incumbent Allen Skillicorn:

That’s three more mailings, significant polling money and the continuation of staffer Kathleen Stanczyklewicz directly from Madigan/

In addition, the Pro-Abortion Personal PAC spent $3,864.39 on a mailing.

Although Skillicorn sent out a press release calling on Jack Franks’ close ally Carlos Acosta to resign from his McHenry County Board position, he did nat attend the Grafton Township Republican Party gathering in Huntley last Wednesday evening.


Madigan Spends, Directs $542,000 More Money to Ness Campaign to Bury Skillicorn — 15 Comments

  1. Obviously Ness has to be thrown into the toilet, but why is it that these ‘contributions’ are such uniform and odd amounts?

    Does Emperor Madrigan establish how much money each racket contributor must pony up and then decree from his throne that from that figure “X union must give XX% of its 2020 chest to Ness” ?

    So one of the magic percentages comes out exactly “$57,800” for so many of these criminal organizations?????

    Of course Skillicorn couldn’t be bought by the leprous leprechaun which obviously explains the animosity in the form of filthy lucre directed Ness’s way against Skillicorn. And shows hows he’s OK which Sh=theads like Reick.

  2. Her tv commercials say she won’t take the pension and I believe Ness.

  3. I wonder if YAL’s sister org is going to get involved in this election like they did in the primary.

  4. Dacy – $57,800 is the maximum amount a PAC can make to a candidate, by law, this election cycle.

  5. Thanks, Alabama, first useful information you’ve ever posted …. if it’s true.

  6. Democrat Suzanne Ness’ is the epitome of Democrat delusion and hypocrisy!

    She says that SHE’s going to Springfield to “weed out corruption” when she’s being funded by the most corrupt politician in IL??!!!

    Typical Democrat who will look the other way when it comes to what will help them and them only!


  7. So Mafiagan is spending mucho bucks to fund this woman to bury Skillicorn?


    This should be a sign to all taxpayers that Skillicorn is the one that holds Madigan’s feet to the fire!

    Mafiagan is dirty and Ness taking Mafiagan’s money makes her dirty before she gets out of the gate!

  8. “Her tv commercials say she won’t take the pension and I believe Ness.”

    Er, so what?

    One crappy state legislator’s pension doesn’t mean squat.

    It’s the pensions she’ll be beholden to that has and will continue to drive this state off the cliff.

  9. Like Alabama sez, there are limits, so that seems right.

    In reality, it just slows down the damage.

    Those odd amounts are probably a percentage of the slush.

    Also, the odd amounts can sometimes reflect the other party agreeing to underwrite all campaign expenses of a certain kind, thus invoices in odd amounts.

    But eventually, you hit the limit.

    That’s when another PAC steps up and….


  10. Uninformed, do you support Jacki with his $56,000 pension?

    Skillicorn already doesn’t take one!

  11. To late M he has the NRA behind him now… hahaha so obvious… desperate… action

  12. Toilet Bowl, besides your name, is that your address too? Did you have an ozempic overdose?

  13. Funny how her commercials won’t tell everyone where she got her $$ from ?

    I wonder how much of this is OUR Money???

    What a Hypocrite.. another blow hard trying to fool the tax payer…

    Ms T Yes it is! livin in this Chithole! just like you…

    and that makes me nuts why yes…

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