Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 3

Mike Buehler

Saving his presentation until almost last, Master of Ceremonies Dr. Michael Rein spoke after Republican candidate for County Board Chairman Mike Buehler.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” Buehler told the audience.

Both 6th congressional district candidate Jeanne Ives and 14th District candidate Jim Oberweis are cooperating with the campaigns of local Republicans.

Ives has the larger sign campaign and one can see Buehler next to her signs at most locations.

Rein said people could be convinced to vote for Buehler, “once you given them the facts.”

Rein then concentrated on his own campaign.”Jack Franks spend $30-$40,000 to get me off the Board.”

The hit pieces put out against Rein were fabricated at best since Rein was himself on a high deductible plan and received less than $30 for mileage over his 4 yr term.

“I stood up to Jack Franks from Day 1.

“I’ll never forget Jack Franks saying, ‘Well, it’s low risk and high reward.’

“No,” Rein replied, “It’s about what’s right and wrong.”

Rein also was one of those who called Franks out on his two patronage workers.

Turning to the money his efforts saved County government, Rein pointed to the Board’s following his suggestion to drop down one level on the self-insured Blue Cross medical coverage.

The result was a savings of $1.4 million a year.

All new employees were put on a high deductible, a change from the “Ferrari” kind of a policy with only a $250 deductible for individuals and $500 per family when he first got on the board.

Incentives for getting healthier were also instituted.”Since 2016, the county has saved over $10 million just in health care,” Rein continued.

“I still think they have a fair policy.” 

Employees receive a stipend to put into their HSA accounts yearly to help offset those high deductibles.

Moving onto a over than $4 million remodeling proposal from Franks, the man who used to work with his father in construction convinced the Board to cut the cost to $2.8 million.

“He wanted to add certain things that were just nonsense.”

Franks wanted small conference rooms that did not serve any purpose and he wanted to remodel and move all departments.

Other major contributors were Jim Kearns and Mary McCann.

When Dr. Anne Majewski decided to retire, Rein said she asked him if he would be willing to run.

“The County Coroner is not a sexy position by any means but a vital one” but Rein thought about it for awhile because he would have to give up his practice of 18 yrs.

He continued, urging people to vote “No'” on the referendum

“Vote No, Keep Elected Coroner. Stop Corruption.”

“You are voting to get rid of your vote and hand it over to a politician. 

“The power is in your (citizens) hands why would you want to give that away?

“Twenty years from now, you could have someone worse than Jack Franks.”

Rein pointed out that the Coroner is not in the “Who done it scenario.”

The Coroner determines the cause and manner of death.

“Autopsies are hired out.

“Since there are only 500 medical examiners in the nation to have a medical examiner in each county is impossible.

“If the post is appointed, whoever is County Chairman, County Administrator or even County Board members could have undue influence.”

Rein pointed to the high profile AJ case with a Board Member (Carlos Acosta) being involved in the case from working with DCFS.

Rein said that he wanted to use the office as a platform to educate the public, citing the 38% of kids who are either overweight or obese. 

He stated kids along with adults need to become more active.

Other votes that Rein had, when board members were asked to vote on term limits he voted on an amendment to retroactively start board members time instead of starting in 2020 or 2022.

Rein voted to give back almost $600,000 when a bond expired to the taxpayers instead of it going into the general fund.

He also voted to reduce the county board from 24-18.

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Wilke

The final speaker was the new McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Wilke.

He stressed that people should apply for a mailed ballot, pointing out we have no idea what might happen on Election Day.

One could keep the ballot until then, turn it in at the polls and vote in person or place it in one of the County Clerk’s secure boxes.


Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 3 — 19 Comments

  1. I see Wilkie has bought into the fraud which will forever exclude Republicans from winning in Blue and Purple areas.

    Good work Wilkie. Will you be taking all your cues from the New York Times, Jack Franks, the turncoat Bradys of IL and Personal PAC?

  2. How come no photos showing Kenneally bussing tables and cleaning the men’s room?

  3. Whoever designed that sign needs to be slapped because it’s terrible.

    You can’t even read what it says when you’re driving down the road.

  4. As an attendee, I was sickened to see Wilkie to fall into the vote by mail trap which insures Republicans are forever more doomed.

    The speeches, except for Buehler and Rein’s were rather insipid.

    I still don’t understand the effort and signs being wasted on whether the coroner is elected or appointed.

    Do the GOP elites figure Franks is in for life or what?

    Lantz was elected and she was utterly corrupt, as Bianchi can testify to (but Pattyboy Kenneally will rebut), so who cares.

    Why can’t the Republicans just focus on booting Franks?

    I’d have no problems with an appointee by Buehler.

    This is just a stupid campaign to waste time, effort and money as to what’s better — appointed or elected.

    Either way you can get crooks!

  5. Wilkie flinched when Rein went into his children are 38% overweight spin?

  6. What’s this I hear about Rein taking a pension as a county board member or former county board member???

    Is that true or fake news?

    What are the details?

    If it’s true, when did he start collecting, how much has he collected?

    “boogerman” lol that is such an accurate description of Tyler’s slovenly appearance!

  7. Darcy said:

    “I still don’t understand the effort and signs being wasted on whether the coroner is elected or appointed.“

    “Why can’t the Republicans just focus on booting Franks? I’d have no problems with an appointee by Buehler.“

    The Coroner has an important job, ultimately determining whether or not what you have on your hands is a murder or something else.

    A directly elected Coroner is a check and balance against the elected Sheriff and the elected Board President.

    Another check and balance against County-level funny business and influence.

    While we might be perfectly comfortable, say, to have Buehler make an appointment, we certainly wouldn’t want a Franks appointee.

    The problem with changing the game or making things more convenient for yourself, is that you then give your opponents the same new tools the next time THEY get into office.


  8. Dacy,

    There is a also a move afoot to start appointing Clerks as well. Among other things, Clerks Certify Board actions. They also either operate as a wall, or an open door, for FOIA.

    There was a village I lived in where we had a long, difficult slog to get rid of a bad village board, mayors and appointees. 12 years of struggle.

    What finally broke the cycle was an elected Clerk. Their Clerk candidate came in as THEIR patron, but ended up being her own person, and rose above it all.

    The first thing was swearing an Oath of Office. On her own conscience, that made it difficult to settle between what her patrons wanted and what was required. So then it came down to foot-dragging.

    Then she went down to Springfield for Clerk training. When she returned, she did everything by the book.

    She would not file, record or certify improperly-granted liquor licenses, agendas, meeting notices, etc. Records under FOIA were released promptly and completely.

    We finally got the information needed to put them out and win the battle.

    Democracy is the worst form of government, save all others.


  9. Monk, just focus on getting rid of Franks.

    Or is that too much to ask.

    After Franks is eliminated, figure how to stop all the section 8 voucher monkeys being imported to change the demographics of McH Co.

    That’s a public safety issue.

    But all the weakkneed morons around here won’t touch it.

    Look at Obermoo’s stupid campaign piece … he uses euphemisms like “illegal immigrants”.

    They are not immigrants, they are aliens!

  10. Yes, I will vote for Rein, but this stupid focus on elective or appointed coroners is a fool’s errand.

  11. Dacy’s a born fool.

    Coroner has to be elected.

    Ok, elected coroner Marilyn Lantz was very bad. So what?

  12. Dacy, The Coroner is the ONLY elected official that has the power to arrest the Sheriff !

    You don’t want a Coroner being beholden to any other elected official!

    Can you just imagine an appointed coroner under a Sheriff Nygren for example or a Jack Franks!???????

    NO NO NO.

    The Coroner must be elected by the people and be soveriegn, by not being under any other elected officials thumb!

    Just as Franks was also wanting to get rid of the Auditor and have a patronage lackey that would answer to him once ‘appointed’.

    NO NO NO, remember Dixon IL’s auditor Rita Crundwell, the perpetrator of the largest case of municipal fraud in American history!?!?

    She embezzled $54M by not having proper oversight??? (and that was the small town of Dixon-Just think what Franks could do with McHenry County’s coffers with no oversight!

    I bet he was dreaming of being able to be the next Bernie Madoff!!!)

    The documentary “All The Queen’s Horses” is about Crundwell’s corruption.

    The director, Kelly Richmond Pope, forensic accountant, professor, author, and filmmaker who analyzes corporate crime even wrote a letter to the McHenry County Board and McHenry County citizens warning them of the dangers of eliminating an elected Auditor.

  13. Cool fact, Getta, the arresting power.


    Properly limited power, and the perfect failsafe.


  14. Dacy, I’m plenty focused on booting Franks.

    But there are other issues always up for grabs on the ballot.

    If they’re important enough to be on the ballot, it’s important enough demand our attention and discussion.

    If not, feces eventuate.

    Like when a formerly more deliberative and collegial County Board elected their own Chairman.

    And then this “great idea” to have a popularly-elected County President instead showed up on the ballot, so we got Franks.

    Or more accurately, that got McHenry County a Democratic Boss.

    And now, we’re off into the land of appointed Clerks and Coroners.

    Don’t let your birthright wither.


  15. Has a coroner ever arrested a Sheriff?

    What if the sheriff resists with his his heavily armed SWAT team?

    Get real.

    Marilyn Lantz abused her coroner position.

    She was charged with crimes by SA Bianchi, only to be wrongly released by Pat Kenneally.

    Lantz was elected.

    Just remember that.

    I say keep the job elected, but the GOP RINOS put her up. A militant lesbian and, a reputed occultist.

    This can’t be repeated.

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