Saying Jack Franks’ Probe in Springfield Casts a “Stain” on McHenry County, Chuck Wheeler Calls for His Resignation

Even before Republican County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler called for his opponent Jack Franks’ resignation, Chuck Wheeler did so.

Here is his press release about his member comments at Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting:

County Board Member “Chuck” Wheeler Called for Immediate Resignation of County Board Chairman Jack D Franks

9/10/2020—Woodstock, IL— Today at the specially called County Board Meeting, Board Member Chuck Wheeler (R) Dist. 4 demanded the resignation County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Chuck Wheeler

Wheeler in his remarks sighted the stain that Franks has placed on his office by the allegations of criminal sexual assault.

Mr. Wheeler further sighted that Mr. Franks is not allowed in the State Capitol complex without a police escort according to rules established by his friend and colleague Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House.

“It is unacceptable that we allow this type of individual to roam freely in our mist.

‘We have employees who expect security and safety in their work environment.

‘And I have been told that fear is running throughout our County,” stated Wheeler.

Wheeler was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018 and currently serves on Law and Government and Liquor Committee as well as the Public Health and Community Services Committee for the McHenry County Board. He also serves as the Vice-Chair of the McHenry County Republican Party.

Jack Franks, a democrat, is on the ballot to be re elected to the office of County Board Chairman this fall.


Saying Jack Franks’ Probe in Springfield Casts a “Stain” on McHenry County, Chuck Wheeler Calls for His Resignation — 29 Comments

  1. Way to go Chuck…

    finally a man with scrotumus ironumus to stand up and tell it like it is………….

    keep after them Chuck…

  2. Jack Franks the “Enforcer” and his “INTIMIDATORS” known as the “LOCAL 150 BOYS” must go!

    Our County Board is paralyzed because of Jack Franks and fear of retaliation!

    Franks, rules and controls by fear!

    Many believe, that Madigan tactics are seeping into McHenry County Government.

    That is an accurate and undeniable assessment of Madigan and his buddy Jack Franks!

    The only way to stop this disastrous train wreck is to elect Mike Buehler!

    Now, it’s up to the people of McHenry County to make it happen!


  3. thank you DALA for stepping up …you hit the proverbial nail right on its proverbial head………….

  4. When was sweet Carlos canned by DCFS?

    Why wasn’t Wheeler calling for his resignation within 72 hrs?

    Or any of the other Co. Bd. Mites?

    If they ever did, WHEN?

    What about calling for Franks’ resignation; did anybody on the Bd. Ever do that?

  5. Thank you, Chuck Wheeler.

    It’s clear that little Lord Fauntleroy thinks he can threaten and intimidate other elected officials (particularly strong women from Shannon Teresi to Jeanne Ives!).

    I’m so sick of this creep!

    He’s threatened several other officials too.
    I hear Union 150 is sick of his dumb ass too, BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS – WHERE ARE ALL THE “ME TOO FEMINISTS” and “I’m With Her”,
    “believe her” women??

    They are hypocrites who stand behind perverts like Franks, Madigan and Biden when it suits their own end!

    Democrat Suzanne Ness’ commercial on Fox is the biggest laugh riot.

    She says that SHE’s going to “weed out corruption in Springfield” when she’s being funded by Franks’ mentor, the most corrupt politician in IL??!!!

    Typical Democrat who will shut the frick up when it comes to what will help them and them only!

  6. Wheeler, joins the pile on now. How heroic!

    As usual, people on the board timidly held back.

    Now that Carlos got arrested, even Jack Not-so-Sprat throws him under the bus.

    It’s quite easy now.

    Where was Wheeler a year ago?

    Where was the whole damn board?

    Fast asleep!

    And why isn’t Wheeler calling for Carlos’ controller Jack Not-so-Sprat to resign himself over his own Dark Cloud?????

    Yahoo, Wheeler takes a stand!

    It’s a little late in the game.

  7. Ok, better late than never.

    But where’s the resignation calls about Franks?

  8. Hasso Wheeler asked for Jack’s resignation before Carlos was arrested at a special meeting on Thursday.

    The Dems sat quiet for the same amount of time.

    Not the Dem party or one Dem running for election asked Carlos to step down!

    The Dems should be responsible for their inaction not the opposite party!

  9. Thank you Chuck Wheeler!

    Jack Frank’s is the reason the Coroners Office hasn’t had a coroner in a year and a half but created a position for a Sr. Deputy Coroner (with a nice salary and benefits)that would not have been necessary had a Coroner been named.

    We as taxpayers were never asked to vote on this new position within the Coroners office but we will be voting on YOU Jack Franks…if you are still in Office.

  10. Nobody answered my question above.

    Can one of the Wheeler supporters do that?

    I don’t mean to single Wheeler out, the entire Board was asleep at the switch, if they weren’t cheerleading Acosta like Wagner, Voo-Voo-Vujik, Sweet Yensen and “Curley” Doherty.

    Where are the measures to censure the Jackal and demand his resignation for sexual misconduct?

  11. Edgar County Watch Dogs

    Illinois leaks

    Jacks Franks is on the same list as an Institutionalized Killer– Title of the article.

  12. You may not understand that, unlike in the General Assembly, County Board members have not rule allowing introduction of resolutions unless one serves on a relevant committee.

  13. Hasso here in lies the difference, Jack has not been indicted or arrested

  14. Kudos to you Chuck!!! He is under Investigation good enough… to at least put him on leave w/o PAY or PENSION or any bennies… ya think? what about breaking our labor laws? hiring w/o posting ? how about this … how much more do you need to act upon?

  15. I’m still trying to figure out how McHenry County has the highest property taxes of any county in the whole state.

    There’s a GOP majority still on the County Bd, right?

    Get rid of all the jackasses and reset.

    I don’t care about the distracting dramas of Franks’ stalking or Acosta’s guilt. This is what comes naturally when Republicans lay down all the time.

  16. Where was Wheeler, and the rest of the Board, when the section 8 voucher holders got moved out here en masse?

    Now they cry about Acosta and Franks?

    Democrats wreck the quality of life and the tenor of public officials.

    No leadership. No game plan. No opposition except crying jags.

  17. Where were the Dems and Jackoo Franks?

    They were high fiving Carlos. Now they say they don’t even know who he is.

  18. Chuck has strongly urged Carlos to resign in the past we’ll before now!

  19. I don’t know if the system will allow me to enter word for word what Chuck said when He urged Carlos to step down.

    So may be more than one entry.

  20. “I wanted to acknowledge the comments from Roar for AJ who have repeatedly and diligently come to out meetings since the untimely and preventable death of AJ

    This is a serious incident which resulted in the loss of life of one of our most vulnerable citizens, who deserved nothing more than our love and protection and affection.

    I want you to know that none of us up here on the board takes this issue lightly of what happened to AJ. We appreciate you speaking for the voiceless.

    This mission that you have taken up is very important and I commend you on being his voice.

    As to your request to the board asking for Mr Acosta’s resignation, I wanted to advise you that while I empathize with your sentiments that Mr. Acosta should consider resignation, that our board had no mechanism to remove an elected official from office.

    Unless he or she is convicted of a felony, misses countless meetings inexcusable.

    The decision is solely that individuals.

    It is left up to the good conscious of the official to do the right thing that is best for the office and their constituents.

    It is up to that official to determine if their actions are a distraction to this body or the work we intend to do.

    It is up to that individual to come to grips with the reality of what they have done or did not do and move forward from that point.

    Mr. Acosta as your colleague and fellow board member I truly hope that you come to grips with your own situation and consult with God, your family and do the right thing for AJ, the people of our community, yourself and the members of this board.

    Just remember whatever you decide
    “It impacts all of us” I trust you will make the right decision.”

  21. Chuck Wheeler is a true leader and a true public servant.

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