IL-14: Lauren Underwood, Insulin, State Democratic Party Mailer and the Truth

Lauren Underwood

What’s the matter with the truth getting into the way of a good story?

Because Lauren Underwood has told the whole truth before

As McHenry County Blog reported yesterday, a Democratic Party of Illinois mailer for Congresswoman Lauren Underwood hit mailboxes this weekend highlighting the insulin legislation signed into law as part of the H.R. 1865 Appropriations bill last December:

The mailer echos the embellishment/lie that Underwood is single-handed in bringing lower out-of-pocket costs on prescription drugs. Truth is, Underwood may have obtained a couple of Republicans as cosponsors to her H.R. 5444 “Lower Insulin Costs Now” Act, but it was never signed into law on its own, nor did Underwood bring the Democratic and Republican decision makers together to include H.R. 5444 into the final Appropriations legislation.

The bipartisan power brokers, whom Underwood is not, were already meeting with the Trump Administration hashing out the FY 2020 twice-delayed Appropriations bills, both H.R. 1865 and its companion, H.R. 1158, which was the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security funding bill.

McHenry County Blog documented the whirlwind month of December and Underwood’s votes/activities which included the formal votes on impeachment, the USMCA approval, the National Defense Autorthorization Act approval and the formal adoption of the spending/appropriations bills.

Underwood, herself, told the whole truth about her legislation becoming law, and she did it in full context in this tweet from her political Twitter account:

The Shaw Media headline in the campaign mailer by the IL Democrats is the actual title copy published, but the same article included the whole truth about H.R. 5444 and what exactly it did:

Underwood’s bipartisan “Lower Insulin Costs Now Act” will reduce the cost of insulin by helping lower-cost, generic insulin become available sooner, according to a news release from Underwood’s office issued on Monday. The law will allow the FDA to continue to review applications for generic insulin beyond the looming March 2020 cut-off date, creating access to new treatments that can lower the cost of insulin for those who rely on it to survive, according to the release. Underwood’s office didn’t include the date the legislation was signed.

Shaw Media “Rep. Underwood’s ‘Lower Insulin Costs Now’ Act signed into law:
President Trump signs bipartisan legislation to help make cheaper generic insulin available” 12/24/19

And Shaw Media was good to include this final sentence in its late December write-ups based on Underwood’s congressional office’s press release:

“The legislation passed and was signed as part of the bipartisan, bicameral appropriations package for fiscal 2020, according to the release.”

Shaw Media “Rep. Underwood’s ‘Lower Insulin Costs Now’ Act signed into law:
President Trump signs bipartisan legislation to help make cheaper generic insulin available” 12/24/19

So Underwood’s congressional office press release in late December documented fully that Underwood’s insulin legislation was an applications review for additional generic insulin applications going beyond a March date. In and of itself, Underwood’s legislation did NOT directly reduce the price of insulin, but complemented what the FDA under the President’s direction started in late 2018 to reclassify insulin from a “drug” to a “biologic”.

It was a good, necessary step, but definitely complemented the Trump Administration’s FDA strategy of late 2018.

McHenry County Blog published the details, including the Trump Administration’s news releases on the new insulin strategy to reduce prices here and here. Note the latter article (12/24/19) shared a Lauren Underwood political fundraising email which told the whole truth, and the timeline of how Underwood’s legislation went from initial introduction into final Appropriations package approved ON THE SAME DAY IT WAS FILED with the House clerk.

Yet we get this from Underwood’s TV commercial, noting the top title line:

Knowing the whole truth, and Underwood’s reluctance to tell it in spite of telling it before, makes this accomplishment, while good, look a little different than the way it is being marketed as a lie.

Discerning voters should all take note of this, but there is another test about Underwood’s sincerity. The same Appropriations bill containing the insulin wording from Underwood’s bill, also approved the Hyde Amendment, the prohibition for federal funds to be spent on abortion in all cases except rape, incest and save the life of the mother for FY 2020.

Is Underwood going to take credit for supporting the Hyde Amendment this fall by voting for it in the same bill with her H.R. 5444 “Reducing Insulin Costs Now Act” and if she tried, would it be believable?


IL-14: Lauren Underwood, Insulin, State Democratic Party Mailer and the Truth — 8 Comments

  1. She takes credit for the lower insulin act the way she takes credit for serving as a nurse.

    Gross exaggeration is one form of a bald-faced lie.

  2. She’s goin’ for the diabetes crowd.

    Rostron, come up with something new.

  3. She’s also turning IL into abortion tourism with her abortion up to the minute of birth bill.

    What a Godless liar and hypocrite she is.

  4. All these sugar puff, cotton candy, treacly campaign pieces from Soros HQs about sugary sweet Nursling are going to put me in a diabetic coma!

  5. Lauren Underwood has remained totally oblivious to the $30 million in destruction by rioters to her alleged hometown, Naperville this past summer. The looting and vandalism damaged over 30 businesses. There is no figure available as to the continued economic impact the riots have had on those small businesses affected, their employees, the City of Naperville, and the counties in which Naperville residents live.

    If all Ms. Underwood can do is to misrepresent her dubious achievements in the health care area, she is certainly not worthy of reelection.

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