False Statements in Official Explanation of Tax Hike Authorization Amendment

From Wirepoints:

Here’s the central, misleading claim constantly made about the ‘Fair Tax’ proposal – Quicktake

Illinois is now being inundated with ads, social media and op-eds urging a yes vote for the Fair Tax by making the following claim over and over again:

“If Illinois passes the Fair Tax 97% of Illinoisans will pay the same or less in taxes. Only people making above $250,000 will pay more.”

No. There is nothing about rates in the what you will vote on. Springfield would be free to increase rates at any time on any income group if the measure passes.

Decide what you want about the “Fair Tax” ballot initiative in November’s election, but is it too much to ask for an honest debate?

The ballot initiative only asks whether the Illinois General Assembly and governor should get unrestricted authority to set different rates for different income groups. Today, a single rate is required for all taxpayers.

Springfield has already set what would be the initial rates at the levels claimed above, but if Illinois votes yes Springfield would be free to change those rates on day one and as often as it wants, for as many different income groups as it wants.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYdaa-h2xGg&feature=youtu.be

One example of the deceitful ads is linked here. It’s being run by the Vote Yes For Fairness committee, into which Governor JB Pritzker has already poured over $56 million. Similar claims are appearing constantly.

It’s particularly maddening to see the deceitful claim made is in a mailing sent by the state itself, at taxpayer expense, apparently to all voters, from the Secretary of State. It contains arguments for and against the proposal including a rebuttal about the rates, but the arguments in favor repeat the misleading claim twice. The relevant pages are reproduced below.

Wirepoints will continue to publish both side of the debate, but make no mistake: A yes vote would not assure the rates being claimed.

-Mark Glennon


False Statements in Official Explanation of Tax Hike Authorization Amendment — 9 Comments

  1. Exactly READ the whole brochure… hidden meanings.. this is just the start!

  2. NEVER ever vote for anything that has the word tax or hike in a question….PERIOD

  3. The fundamental flaw with the Fair Tax structure is that 80% of the projected $3.4 billion in incremental tax revenue comes from only 19,939 tax filers.

    That is the number of tax filers that are above the $1 million threshold for taxable income.

    That’s 0.3% of the tax filers in the State of Illinois.

    The GOMB ran these numbers using data from the 2016 tax year.

    It should be critical to know how many of the millionaire filers are left in the State since the whole tax scheme is dependent on these few people.

    Whether they have since moved out of state or they’ve been negatively impacted due to the self-inflicted downturn in the economy, I can’t imagine that the forecasted tax revenue ($2.7 billion) from these 20,000 people will materialize.

    This means that the new Fair Tax rates have got to go even higher and/or the State applies the higher marginal rates to the lower income brackets.

  4. The richest people are also the most mobile people.

    Look where Raunchy Rauner now lives!

  5. What happened to the original Name of this TAX “The Progressive TAX” they have to change the name so people will swallow the BS?

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