Jack Franks on AJ at Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake

Jack Franks at 2019 Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake.

From commenter “ROARforAJ” in reply to “@the terminator’:”

What makes you think he hasn’t?

You should be asking why Jack had not asked before now.

I can answer that for you

When asked about it at the 4th of July parade 2019, while standing in front of 94 Dole Ave Jack stated “ this is a DCFS issue and not my problem” followed with a dismissive waive as he walked on without giving it another thought until NOW.


Jack Franks on AJ at Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake — 9 Comments

  1. The County Board had no jurisdiction in this case.

    It was DCFS all the way.

  2. Jackoo doesn’t give a fig about AJ.

    He’s only mad he wasted so much of his public good will on buoying Carlos up.

    I heard Jackoo tried out at the Chicago audition of Dancin’ w/ the Stars, but he washed out when he landed on his fat can.

    Jackoo don’t give up! There are still a few people in Chemung and Marengo, and some Union 150 thugs who buy into your song and dance.

  3. When a County Board member is also the DCFS employee whose negligence contributed to a boy’s death…the County Board and its Chairman should call for his resignation.

    Not cover it up.

    Not pretend it didn’t happen.

    Not call the person a “model Board member” and defend him continually, like Jack Franks did.

    And Franks’ loyalists have the gall to post here and try to divert and distract and play defense for their precious Jackie.

    Stomach-turning to see what the Democrats have turned into…

  4. Robert Wms, are you some kind of local Rip van Winkel?

    The Dems have been degenerating for many years.

    You just noticing?

    How far down the rathole must we plunge.

    I thought same sex ‘marriage’ was the low point.

  5. Jack Franks tried to get cushy jobs for his Dad, wife and brother, who’s a dope by the way.

    Blago refused to give them any jobs! Good Job Rod!

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