Terry Link Resigns from State Senate

Terry Link

Effective date of resignation for Saturday, September 12 prevents November special election for replacement

On Friday, state Senator Terry Link submitted his resignation from the state senate for the seat he has held since winning his first term in the 1996 election.

As the letter is very clear, the resignation was not effective until Saturday morning at 9AM. Had the resignation been effective prior to the 12th of September, a special election for the 30th Legislative District would have been triggered for November 3 to fill the unexpired term of Link.

Illinois law requires a special election for a state senate seat mid-term if the seat is vacated 28 months or more prior to the end of the senate term, which ends January 11, 2023.

By waiting until Saturday before his resignation became effective from the state senate, Democratic Party leaders will appoint his successor to serve out the remainder of his term.

As previously reported by McHenry County Blog, Link was forced to step down from the Lake County Democratic Party chairmanship he had held since 1992 over two weeks prior to his planned resignation date from the state senate on September 15.

As reported last month, Lake County Democrats did not want Link, under Federal indictment for income tax evasion, to choose his own senate successor and were ready to formally vote Link out of the party chairmanship at a special meeting scheduled on August 31. Link resigned prior to the 31st, and former State Representative Lauren Beth Gash, 60, who was the first vice chairman of the Lake County Democrats was automatically elevated to Chairperson.

She will now cast the deciding weighted vote for Link’s successor. Wheeling Township (Cook County) Committeeperson and 53rd district State Representative Mark Walker will have input into the successor decision.

External reference:

  • Chicago Tribune story on Senate resignation can be found here


Terry Link Resigns from State Senate — 10 Comments

  1. Who else is linked to his corruption?

    Did Link hook up with Jackoo Franks for a N. Ontario fish junket?

    Is Link off the A team now?

  2. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a corrupt Democrat!

  3. You mean he’ll keep his State pensions.

    Link never held a Township position.

  4. Terry Link must be popular in McHenry County, for some reason. 🤔😐

  5. Dobie Hollis, your tv show rock!

    You’re a good role model!

    And you look the same too. 🤓

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