Pro-Abortion Personal PAC Sends Mailing for Brian Sager

Brian Sager’s courting of Personal PAC paid off last week.

Brian Sager

As far back as 2010, Sager was considering running for State Representative should Jack Franks run for statewide office.

He attended a Personal PAC campaign training session in Lake County that year.

Now, ten years later, Sager reports to the Illinois State Board of Elections that Personal PAC has made an in-kind contribution of $4,875.78 for a mailing.

If someone emails a copy, McHenry County Blog will share it.


Pro-Abortion Personal PAC Sends Mailing for Brian Sager — 11 Comments

  1. Partial birth abortion Brian?

    Crushing the skull of a full-term baby as it enters the birth canal and ripping it out piece by bloody piece with forceps?

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    If you ever held your infant child in your arms you might have had an inkling of the horrific slaughter you support simply to win a third pension.

    You are a disgusting human being

  2. He makes me ill. Isn’t bad enough he is the grand master for the gay parades in Woodstock?

    Now this?

    Liberalism is a disease.

  3. Queers and baby killers make a pack what a surprise

  4. Sager’s campaign should not be taken lightly.

    It should be hurled to the ground w/ great force.

    But wait, He’s running against the liar Reick!

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