Rain-Free Fundraiser for Wilcox and McConchie

When I left Lakewood about 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon headed for an East Main Street, Cary, fundraiser for State Senators Craig Wilcox and Dan McConchie, I took the biggest umbrella I own.

Water was pouring from the sky.

Signs at the entrance to Reinhaven.

As I approached the Fox River down East Main Street, however, the rain had let up.

Throughout the three-hour event, attendees were spared from being doused, although those from Huntley and Lake in the Hills also reported downpours when they left home.

Dan McConchie talking to an ABATE member.

Although there was a tent, just in case.

Inside the tent early on.

Last year everyone and his brother were passing petitions.

This year, only Algonquin Township Road Commissioner candidate Danijela Sandberg had her clipboard out.

There were candidates on the ballot pressing the flesh, however.

County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler can be seen on the right.

Some talked to each other.

County Board candidate and Coroner candidate Michael Rein share a serious moment.

The event was advertised as a Shrimp Boil, but I had an affinity for the bratwurst.

John Hammerand in the serving line.

Republican 6th District congressional candidate Jeanne Ives was in attendance.

Jeanne Ives talks with Michael Rein and Mike Ives Reinh Kaminski.

The Mark Curran for U.S. Senate campaign was represented by

Cheryl Hammerand chats with Chris Yaeger.
Marty McLaughlin

Among other candidates attending was State Rep. hopeful Marty McLaughlin.

District 1 County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck was one of those in the car that came from Barrington Hills.

They was accompanied by David Stieper, whose unsuccessful 2014 campaign featured the wonderful gravy train illustration of the fringe benefits of McHenry County Board members which he pledged to attack, if elected.

Raffle prizes were awarded, followed by short talks by Wilcox and McConchie.

Then, the stage was offered to Ives.

Craig Wilcox introduces Jeanne Ives as Dan McConchie shares the stage.

Ives talked a bit about her campaign and her opponent Sean Casten.

“He is as arrogant as it gets.

“He thinks he knows it all,” she said describing the one-term Democrat.

Listening to Jeanne Ives speech.

The audience listened raptly with a couple capturing the talk on their cell phones.

More of the Wilcox-McConchie fundraiser crowd.

State Rep. Tom Weber then gave a short talk.

Tom Weber spoke after Craig Wilcox convinced him to take off his coat. Here Wilcox has put it on.

After the speeches, I caught this shot of 51st District State Representative candidate Chris Bos:

Chris Bos.

On the way out I saw a Jack Franks sign.

I backed up because of the shock.

It turned out that it had a strike-out, but pretty hard to see.


Rain-Free Fundraiser for Wilcox and McConchie — 11 Comments

  1. So the event was rain-free but not Rein-free. *drum sounds*

    Cal, I got a new mailer from Underwood today (not the one you put up a day or two ago but a new one).

    Spoiler alert: it’s big on health care.

    It also specifically names President Trump, and in a good context.

  2. Because they’re taxoholic RINOS, Lani.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Was Reick there too?

    That would make it a RINO hat trick.

  3. Put in on the ground, stand over it and take a photo of it.

    Then, send it to me, please.

  4. We all make mistakes.

    Marrying a liberal is crazy.

    Marrying a member of the Tribe is crazy.

    Marrying a girl with pink hair and a bull ring in her nose is crazy.

    Find a good woman or go it alone.

    Guess which rule Joe Walsh violated?

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