Reick Picks Up $12,000 to Spend on NWH Digital Adds

To be spent in the Northwest Herald, it came from Citizens for Durkin, his House Republican leader on September 8th.


Reick Picks Up $12,000 to Spend on NWH Digital Adds — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, that just proves he’s a PoS.

    Where’s the $$$ for Skillicorn from turkey-jerkin’ Durkin?

  2. A raging, militant homosexual (Brian Sager) or a drunken atheist who opposes the second Amendment and Trump (Reick).

    Small choice with rotten apples.

  3. Lessorof the two evils is Steve Reick.

    It why give that Liberal rag advertising dollars?

  4. I can’t vote in that one.

    But they are both emblematic of the dick state of Illinois politics.

    Can’t normal people run?

  5. $12k to the Herald?

    That’ll pay for a pt photog.

    I detest the NWH for trying to charge me $645 for my late wife’s obit.

  6. One can only imagine the Clay Bertrand, David Ferrie type homo parties that Sager, Franks and Kenneally likely attend prancing around like a bunch of Kansas City Fags!

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