Anti-Franks Billboard Puts “Criminal Sexual Assault” Accusation on Route 31

This bill board has just been put up on Route 31 north of Route 14:

“McHenry County at risk? County Board Chairman ‘…Jack Franks accused of criminal sexual assault, aggravated battery.” WGEM 2/3/2020. Paid for by #Me TooIL.”


Anti-Franks Billboard Puts “Criminal Sexual Assault” Accusation on Route 31 — 52 Comments

  1. What’s “WGEM”?

    Looks like Franks is getting some of his own medicine, except unlike his lies about Shuster, Tirio, Orville and Wheeler, this one is True.

    Should have quoted the Capitol Police APB banning him without a police escort.

  2. I like the idea but wish they could have put it somewhere else.

    Now I’m going to have to see his face every day.

  3. I do love that whoever put this up is using Franks’ shady campaign tactics against him.

    But I’m not sure why they have to hide who its from.

    If I’m McHenry County GOP/Buehler, I’m repeating this everywhere I go.

  4. Thanks to the magic of Google, WGEM Is talk radio in Quincy.

  5. Sweet.

    How about some nasty lying mailers like the Democrats used in McHenry County against Republicans?

    Evidently it’s ok.

    Just deserts

  6. @Paul Revere

    It just wouldn’t be the same if the mailers didn’t contain lies.


  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these billboards to start popping up all over the County! 🙂

  8. Would like to see one on Rt20 near his daddy’s law office

  9. What a marvelous idea, the poster boy for McHenry County DEMOCRAT politicians has been supersized.

    I’ll bet Little Eddie is insanely jealous ! ☹

  10. No “MeTooIL”.

    What? You mean fake organizations like the “Illinois integrity fund” are sham organizations?

    How dare they.

    At least “MeTooIL” didn’t say anything that isn’t true.

  11. How dare such an anti-Semitic sign be shown to the general public!

    Wait for the kabosh.

    Self chosenites can never be depicted this way!

    Just ask Schiff and Nadler.

    Any halfway objective and fact based appraisal of what is taking place shows that the Dems have comprehensively caved into the BLM/Antifa ideology (which is hardly surprising, since that ideology is a pure product of the Dems (pseudo-)liberal worldview in the first place).

    Yes, the Demolicans and the Republicrats are but two factions of the same “Party of Money”, but the election of Trump in 2016 and the subsequent 4 years of intense seditious efforts to delegitimize Trump have resulted in a political climate in which we roughly have, on one hand, the “Trump Party” (which is not the same as the GOP) and the “deplorables” objectively standing for law and order.

    On the other hand, we have the Dems, some Republicans, big corporations like Nike and the BLM/Antifa mobs who now all objectively stand for anarchy, chaos and random violence.

  12. Poor ‘little’ Jack Franks.

    His contrived mask is pealing off.

    Not a pretty sight, in fact a pretty hideous one.

    The Jackal will have to tap into that PAC money chest or his Dad’s cash hordes to get some high caliber PR people to try and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Or is that sow’s rear?

  13. Who ever designed that billboard made a huge boo-boo.

    The put a question mark in instead of an exclamation mark!

    Franks is so damn disgusting, hypocritical and greedy!

  14. It’s a good start, but with cheat by mail, rather pointless.

    Stupid GOP fails to confront the Dems on the real issues.

    This is very cathartic, but meaningless.

  15. Daddy ought to be proud!

    Big shot Jack ruined his families reputation all for the sake of power.

  16. I heard Hanlon was spending money as a return favor for Franks NWH hit articles.

    Franks has not been found guilty of anything.

    He still has his license to practice law and he’s still chairman of the county board.

    Likewise Acosta enjoys a presumption of innocence.

    Let’s see the evidence!

  17. Jack , has created many , many enemies.

    I remember a few years back, there was a nasty billboard about Jack.

  18. Franks painted himself into corner.

    Never forget he cast the deciding State Housevote for homosexual ‘marriage.’

    Yes Jacko, chickens w/ sharp beaks do come home to roost!

    Franks: the herald of social fragmentation.

    When’s he going to play his ‘anti-semitic’ canard card?

  19. Frank, Acosta is a ‘La Raza’ racist.

    He thought he was set for life with a do nothing job and laughing about White children being liquidated on his ‘watch’ while he cashed checks and stacked up a Cush pension… all the while building a racist political career.

    Presumption of Innocence?


    Presumption of Racism?

    You betcha!

    Acosta really likes shrimp btw (was behind him at CL Marzano’s once).

    Do they serve shrimp in prison?

  20. Jim, Jack ‘ruined’ his family’s reputation?

    Jack burnished it!

  21. Jack Franks always wanted to be larger then life, he has achieved his goal, without Daddy’s help.

  22. See?

    If you don’t include his ego, that fat bastard will actually fit on a billboard.

  23. When I saw the billboard, I cringed.

    I am no fan of Jack Franks, but my first reaction was – “This is far too over the top. He has a family.”

    I’m right in 1 way.

    This is too much.

    Even were he to be convicted, this would be too much.

    However, Jack has worked tirelessly to destroy other peoples lives in this very same way.

    So it’s difficult not to say this is justified political retribution.

    However, from a Christian perspective, this is wrong. It’s too much. He still is a human being.

  24. Have a nice Day JD Franks and Co., your days are numbered and we are doing everything in our power to see you gone!

    Only 48 more days til the County will be Franks-Free!

    I love it!

  25. It’s not un-christian to publicly call someone out on their sin.

    You give them a chance to correct themselves privately but if they don’t you publicly call them out and reject them.

    I see no problem with this billboard.

    Franks knows he is a public figure and it is him who should have been thinking about his family.

    Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

    But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

    And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

    Matthew 18:15‭-‬17 KJV

  26. Neal, I don’t think that billboard was put up to “correct” Jack Franks for his betterment – the context of that Gospel reading.

    It was put up to shame and disgrace him.

    That’s not Christian.

    C’mon, that point is obvious.

    I think what motivates the billboard is that Franks has done this routinely to his political opponents and did so without blinking an eye.

    He’s an abhorrent politician and person, IMO…..but such public shaming is not appropriate to anyone.

    Even if he’s done that to others – including me.

    Jack Franks is bad….but let’s not stoop to his level.

  27. Wonder How that Bullying tactic is going for him now….LOL…. +1 Orville…

  28. What was #MeTooIL thinking?

    Please don’t shoot up this road sign, even in jest.

    The hypocrite under investigation for aggravated and sexual assault will whine about his life being threatened, demand 24-hr. guard, and waste more money in county taxes.

  29. Maybe Franks should stop masquerading as a Christian as is his wont.

  30. Jack Franks: “This is an outrageous example of anti-jewish hate.

    A new low for the racist micks, Slavs and krauts of McHenry Co.

    After all I’ve done for the people!!!

    I gave them same sex marriage and section 8 imports by the boxcarload.

    I opposed parental consent for minor’s abortions.

    I supported lowering the age of consent in Illinois, plus the expansion of gambling, the LGBT agenda in our schools, the Big Blue Wave.

    And this is how some extremist show their appreciation!

    They’re all Nazis!”

  31. From a “Christian Perspective,” I’d say that the corrupt, power-hungry, godless “King” Jack Frank’s political and electoral Day of Judgment is at hand…

  32. Amateurish billboard, could have been far more effective.

    It wasn’t just ‘accusations’ it was accusations necessitating an investigation that resulted in a written prohibition on that rat from stepping foot in his old playpen, the State Capitol.

    Why no action?

    Why no charges?

    Why no punishment?

    Why no justice!?

  33. And the comment that Jack Franks’ “has a family?”

    So does his alleged victim…

  34. CLM, time to put on big boy pants.

    I hate violence. But I’m really good at it. Woe to the libtard oppressors, their day of reckoning is dawning.

    CLM, if you don’t like to see blood, now’s the time to move to Northern Manitoba,

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