Chance to Ask Reick and Tirio about Voting by Mail

From State Rep. Steve Reick:

In May, the General Assembly passed SB 1863, which provided for significant changes to Illinois’ vote by mail system. 

This Thursday at 7pm, join me and McHenry Co Clerk Joe Tirio on Facebook live as we discuss the vote by mail process and answer any other questions you have for us. 

I’d like to collect as many questions as possible ahead of time, so you are encouraged to submit questions to the my office email:

Like my Facebook page here and tune in at 7pm!


Chance to Ask Reick and Tirio about Voting by Mail — 12 Comments

  1. Actually it says that page can’t be found so rather than trying to do a search I thought I would make a statement here and ask a couple of questions for you and Joe

    1..both you and Joe are doing a good job…lets start with that…

    2..I am still a little miffed about you falling in with the gun control kooks and getting the waiting time extended for long guns

    3..your inactivity in voiding the FOID card…how about an update will definitely get my vote regardless because you are doing a great job in all other areas………..

    Question for Joe

    We need to enact the electoral college in Illinois.. we have 102 counties yet are controlled by 3 welfare ridden Democratic Counties…

    this is not fair to the rest of Illinois who has to bow to the demands of those 3 counties

    How difficult is it for the County Clerks to get this on a referendum?

    Thanks guys please keep fighting the good fight

  2. As far as voting goes, if you don’t want to vote on election day, just vote early, in person.

    The same thing as voting on election day and you can even register on the spot.

    Better than an electoral college would be to have the state senate be more like the US Senate.

    By that I mean less tied to population.

    I have thought about it and think I have a good way that could work.

    Start by a population based method like we currently do, but tie it to county lines limit the number of counties a Senator may represent.

    By preventing districts from drawn any way desired we would also limit the amount gerrymandering of the districts as well.

    Never will happen but if we don’t do something like this why do we even have two chambers in the GA?

  3. Matteson, wake up.

    Cheat by mail is the end for Republicans.


    And Reick is not doing a good job, unless driving around drunk is your idea of a good job.

  4. Reick thinks that only militias should have firearms….. in the midst of the BLM/Antifa crime wave and police standdowns.

    A PoS. Ps: I don’t care about him being a drunk

  5. Why does Joe Tirio publicly appear with that discredited RINO clown?

    Something seriously wrong with that picture!

    As well as the topic!

    President Trump said that the latest congressional stimulus bill “had things — levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

    Two days later, the Republican House speaker in Georgia, David Ralston, admitted that an expansion of absentee voting would be “extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia.”

  6. Communists thought up cheat by mail to win; one would assume that this is fail proof until proven otherwise.

    Tirio what’s wrong with you!

  7. Hey everyone drinks now and then and some even a little more than they should..

    aside from his gun control views which BTW tics me off… he has done a decent job in a lot of other areas…

    so we are left with this choice..

    Reick or the other guy who bleaches his hair

    I’ll take Reick any day

  8. for the record I had 2 DUI’s nothing,not a drop since, I quit drinking 37 years ago last June

  9. That was 37 years ago.

    Reick’s disregard was while he was a state rep – few months ago.

    I don’t really give a hoot about his drinking.

    But he’s a big fat RINO.

    Bad on the Second Amendment.

    Bad on the gay agenda.

    Bad on taxes.

    Bad on draining the swamp.

    We don’t need him.

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