DeWitte Criticizes Unemployment Compensation Administration

From State Senator Don DeWitte:

Sen. DeWitte, constituents to detail personal impact of IDES dysfunction


State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles) joined three of his constituents during a virtual press conference to outline the issues at the Illinois Department of Employment Security. During the press conference, constituents shared their personal stories and the impact the current state of dysfunction at IDES has had on their livelihoods.

Watch the press conference below.


DeWitte Criticizes Unemployment Compensation Administration — 8 Comments

  1. As a self-employed small business owner, my daughter qualified for the 2 months of unemployment she suffered when the Gov shut down her business due to Covid.

    She applied twice for compensation.

    First time, the online application was horrible, the first month it was not structured for self-employed individuals, and was not specific for the Covid situation.

    She received a response a month later when they had “adjusted” the application for covid.

    Second time, she gave all the information they requested.

    They needed more in hard copy.

    Shouldn’t have been that difficult.

    Forget calling the “800” number to talk to a real person, several hours is too long to wait.

    She gave up, not worth the aggravation.

    Her net worth has declined a bit, but she is doing fine.

  2. So where has DeWitte been while all this has been going on ?

    He finally woke up and comes to the conclusion that it’s time to
    do some virtue signaling by criticizing what we all know to be a problem
    caused by DEMOCRATS ?

    DeWitteless he is.

  3. I’ve lived this nightmare, and only recently through the help of State Senator McConchie got my own problem straightened out.

    This IDES system and the reluctance of Pritzker to fully fix it should have him up on charges.

    DeWitte, say what you want about him, this was an excellent portrayal through these 3 folks personal testimonies to fully speak to the ineptness of the Pritzker system—its almost like he wants to punish good people, law abiding people, tax paying people–and save the good stuff for BLMers, and Illegals who contribute nothing.

    Still waiting to see the first Dem State Senator or Dem State Rep produce a similar video, statement, or outlash over this system and its impact to real live Good People of Illinois.

    I’m betting now Pritzker is delaying any more improvement to it in the hopes Good People will give up on it and save him money to use for Pension shortfalls.

    This issue is so telling now of how State Government views its Good Citizens—seems some incentive to be a BLMer, Illegal with your hand out and it will get filled fast–forget it if you play by the rules.

    IDES continued break-down is the Proof of it.

  4. DeWitte is not so witty. He not even a RINO; more like a mollusk.

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