Steve Reick Literature — 13 Comments

  1. I will vouch for the last checkmark on this.

    I have called his office and his office was very responsive.

  2. Here’s the real question you won’t hear asked :

    Does Reick support reinstituting the death penalty ?

    This is a must if we are ever to regain control of the streets from
    the murderous thugs roaming about unchallenged.

    Not really a so called “difficult decision” to make.

  3. How about these bullet points:

    Convicted of DUI

    Avowed Atheist

    BLM Enabler

    Tax Hiker

    ‘Socially’ but not legislatively ‘Pro-Life’

    OK w/ LGBTQXYZ Agenda

    Soiled Own Trousers 5/19/19

    Covid Scared Freak

  4. My mother told me if I can’t say anything nice….

    Especially when the alternative is Sager.

  5. Neal, I’m sick of the lesser of two evils schtick.

    Yes Sager is evil and a degenerate. So is Reick.

  6. Glad I’m not in that puke district.

    Sager or Reick.


    Reick should put out a campaign piece like this:

    Re-elect Reick

    Just Re-Ick!

  7. I can’t understand how people like this get into power, and expect to keep power.

  8. How can people like that sneak into power in the first place?

  9. Reick is a good little RINO. He’s a tax hiker and a lot more.

    Loved his defense of homosexual marriage. Did Sager write it for him?

  10. Reick is still a DUI lush, we can do better.

    Brian Sager is the best mayor Woodstock has ever had.

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