Teamsters Endorse Tax Hike Amendment

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog (and, if you get political mail, please send images of it, so others can see what is happening):


Teamsters Endorse Tax Hike Amendment — 10 Comments

  1. These idiots fail to realize, perhaps on purpose, that people in the
    higher income brackets will continue to flee Illinois in ever increasing numbers
    taking their income, jobs and businesses with them just as has happened in NY.

    Teamsters voting yes for this are nothing but political chumps.

  2. The flat tax system in place today works just fine.

    If for example if the hypothetical rate is 10% and you make $50,000/yr. then you pay $5,000.

    If you make $200,000, using the same example, you pay $20,000.

    The more you make the more you pay.

    Seems fair to me.

    What does not seem fair is giving the politicians the right to change the rate and earnings level at any time to fit their whims for pet projects and budget shortfalls.

    Bottom line, if Illinois votes yes, Springfield would be free to change those rates on day one and as often as it wants, for as many different income groups as it wants.

    The flood gates will be opened and will never be closed.

    Then they will most likely want to go after retirement benefits next.

  3. Of Course They Do!

    would not even think different… bahbahbahbaaaa

  4. How can the rich move out of Illinois?

    They own really expensive homes.

    n order to move, someone rich would have to buy those homes.

    If the climate in Illinois is so bad to make the rich move, why would someone rich want to move here?

    Sounds like the rich are stuck – unless they take a huge loss on their property!!

  5. Nice dreaming Dianne…… for them it’s far more about the income taxes than the property taxes.

    Do you have any brains?

    Are you Terry Kappel?

  6. I got a really weird one today (for vote yes) but may have tossed it by accident.

    One side had a nurse and it said something like “she’s been working hard while billionaires…” I don’t remember exactly what but it made it sound flat tax caused COVID or something.

    It was strange.

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