Underwood Mailing Shows Her in Mask, But Not as a Working Nurse — 6 Comments

  1. Lauren Underwood was never a working nurse, at least not one caring for patients.

    Has she ever given patients shots, medicine or answered questions?

    NO! ☹️

  2. Where the H is the main stream media in Chicago and NE Illinois in reporting fully on this person’s background. They apparently are corrupt and in the tank for any and all Democrat candidates. Some day a Democrat candidate will be in a casket and dead and the corrupt media will endorse the particular person. Kind of like the doofus moron Biden, still alive, who they endorse and/or give him passes on his stupidity and incompetence.

  3. Bred, just like the homosexual Obama, who made strange visits to Pakistan, claimed to be an Indonesian student at Columbia, and got to be king of the Harvard Law Review without ever actually writing anything except that he wanted affirmative action.

  4. bred winner, historically the Chicago Democratic (Daley I) Machine really did endorse a dead man. 😮

    It was primary day in 1964, when Congressperson Thomas O’Brien died, but was declared the winner in the then Chicago based 6th Congressional District. 😮

  5. Nursie poo wants the nuclear family obliterated.

    She’s such a VIP!

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