66th House District: Suzanne Ness Asks “Where’s Allen?”

Suzanne Ness

Allen Skillicorn absence from the public not gone unnoticed and makes seat flipping foregone conclusion

State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R, Sleepy Hollow) now facing questions directly from Democrat challenger Suzanne Ness (D, Crystal Lake) over his absence. In social media, her campaign has launched a “Where’s Allen?” campaign.

In a thread, she states the following observations:

“Here’s what we know:

– Allen no longer owns a home in the 66th District
– Allen registered his business to the state of Arizona
– Allen closed his District Office + disconnected his Phone in the midst of a pandemic
– Allen turned down the League of Women Voters’ Debate”

From Suzanne Ness campaign Twitter page

And Ness asks the following questions:

“So here are my questions for Allen:

– Where are you?

– Why aren’t you fulfilling your commitment to our community?

Mr. Skillicorn seemingly has enough time to tweet about national politics, but cannot show up for the people of District 66. Enough is enough.”

Skillicorn’s campaign website is sorely out of date, and his Taxpayers for Skillicorn political committee has seen no activity since mid July as previously reported.

We looked at his Twitter page, and saw Skillicorn is tweeting about national politics, but doing some local politics, too, plus this change to his profile picture:

Looks like a throwback to his Libertarian days, using the Young Americans Liberty (YAL) symbols.

McHenry County Blog was unaware Skillicorn had closed his district office let alone disconnected the phone.

And Skillicorn told POLITICO Shia Kapos he was really in the race recently and sent a press release demanding one of Ness’ fellow county board member to resign after an arrest?

While no arrest in Skillicorn’s case, his own resignation may be in order, given he’s all but abandoned his post.


66th House District: Suzanne Ness Asks “Where’s Allen?” — 13 Comments

  1. I just flipped my vote this cycle, I will vote for the Democrat and the Elephant had better get their party together or else this County will have more asses in the future.

  2. There’s a TV ad with her. I saw one for Marth Paschke too.

    Not sure if you or Cal have seen them.

  3. John, it is not just throwback to his Libertarian days, and from what I understand he recently pissed off a lot of the Libertarians because of something he supposedly said on Facebook implying Libertarians are spoilers.

    It may have been about the 6th congressional district.

    Republicans are seething about Bill Redpath right now.

    Anyway, Skillicorn put that up as a THANKS because YAL knocked doors for him during the primary 6 months ago.

    Operation Win At The Door had people from all across the country working in Allen’s district.

    They were recently hiring for the November election, but I have no idea what Illinois districts they plan on working in (if any).

    Not sure if they still are hiring, but they raised the pay significantly. (The pay still won’t attract professional adults, but mostly college students and other young people.)

    Technically, it’s like Make Liberty Win PAC and you get paid from PAC Management Services LLC or something like that, but YAL makes the endorsements — the distinction is just tax gobbledygook.

    I wrote to Skinner about them helping Allen out 6 months ago, but I don’t think he ever reported it.

    He may have doubted me or simply found it uninteresting.

    Well, Skinner, now you have the tweet confirming YAL supported Allen, so now you know I was not lying! (And I never lie to you anyway.)

  4. Went straight to voicemail because their caller I.D. disclosed that it was you calling, Little Eddie.

  5. Correcting, thanks for sharing all you had.

    I had heard of Ness’ TV commercial on cable TV, and heard her cable TV ad buy started right after Labor Day.

    This is the first I’ve heard of Martha Paschke.

    I’ve not seen either of those two ads.

    Given Paschke is on TV, curious if/when Ugaste will be on TV.

    That district has most of the tri-cities of Kane County in it, but like DuPage County, the tri-cities are not the reliable Republican strongholds they once were, though the rural parts of the county will likely stay Republican, it’s a sparse population.

    Republicans Skillicorn, Ugaste and Reick better start getting on TV with commercials and fast, or it’s going to be a very blue fall for IL General Assembly candidates.

  6. I meant to write “Martha” in my first comment.

    I doubted the stories on this blog about Skillicorn sitting this one out.

    Why would he do that?

    Wouldn’t it burn his bridges with local and state Republicans?

    Plus I saw that he has still been tweeting political things, so I thought he was still interested in being a politician

    I thought the rumors on this blog were based mostly on speculation and some not so good supporting evidence (jumping to conclusions), but Ness’s explanation changed my mind.

    Those facts taken together do make a solid case that he is throwing in the towel.

    And seeing the amount of money flooding in the district, I can no longer say it’s a coin toss between Skillicorn and Ness (which was probably over-estimating him to begin with.)

    Ness has a strong advantage now.

    Here’s what I don’t get.

    If he isn’t interested, why would he still make comments like the response on abortion?

    Is it a facade?

    Is it so that he doesn’t burn bridges like I said?

    If he doesn’t want the job, why does it still look like he’s sort-of in the race but is going extremely low-effort?

  7. Like Obammie did when he ran for the Prez job and did not even do a darn thing in his own elected position but wasted the tax payers time! for his bum to get elected then leave, yeah ok… whatever… funny how she forgets these things..

  8. Obama didn’t do much as state senator and US Senator either.

    US Senator Barack Obama
    (Elected to a six year term, in 2004)

    Year 1: 2005-2006

    Year 2: 2006-2007
    Present, Book Tour

    Year 3: 2007-2008
    Book Tour, Presidential Run

    Year 4: 2008-2009
    Presidential Run

    Year 5: 2009-2010
    Replaced by Roland Burris

    Year 6: 2010-2011
    Replaced by Mark Kirk


  9. The thoroughly rotten system called Illinois politics can not tolerate somebody like skillicorn.

    He is the blood enemy of corruption, ergo he must be cast out in favor of a marionette like naught Nessie, a sad creature dredged up from a Scottish loch.

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