Carlos Acosta’s Absence from County Board Meeting Makes WBBM-TV

Last night after the McHenry County Board meeting, murdered AJ Freund’s caseworker was one of the main news stories on Chicago’s CBS television station.

Carlos Acosta, whom no one has urged to stay on the Board after his indictment by McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, was featured.


Carlos Acosta’s Absence from County Board Meeting Makes WBBM-TV — 11 Comments

  1. What happened at the finance meeting on the third?

    I see they discussed abolishing ICE.

    Is the whole board going to vote on that in October?

    What’s going on?

  2. But the wipe is STILL COLLECTING A PAYCHECK AND INSURANCE for ghosting, just like DCFS!

  3. Another Jack Franks’ protege’ going down, down, and down.

    Next, will Jack Franks finally address the ongoing State Police investigation into the sexual assault allegations against him..?

  4. Too bad so sad … he went from thinking he was “Batman” to “Nick Wilson”.

  5. Where’s my plunger? Hopefully Franks and Patty O’Kenneally are next!

  6. How Acosta can be feted by the fetid racists of the Democrat Party!

    Sager had to can 10,000 flyers with Acosta’s adoring blurb ….. a friend is going to send me a copy.

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