How Do Chinese Illegals Pay Off their Coyotes?

Back when Sheriff Keith Nygren was in office, I was standing in line for a flu shot next to his chief jailer.

We got to talking about the illegals he was housing.

He told me that Chinese men and woman paid rather enormous sums (I remember $40,000) to get flown into O’Hare Airport.

They had no papers, so ended up in the McHenry County Jail’s ICE facility.

No big surprise there.

I still have not figured out how or why they were released, but, when they were, the men worked off their debt in Chinese restaurants living in the basements.

The women, he said, worked off their debt as prostitutes.

The pressure to do so was because of threatened punishment for family members still in China.

Now comes this story from the Daily Herald that the Palatine Chinese restaurant The Dream Place lost its license for two weeks and was fined $2,000 because three men were found living in its basement.

Just temporary the restaurant manager said and the Palatine inspector said no one was living there when she visited in August.


How Do Chinese Illegals Pay Off their Coyotes? — 7 Comments

  1. Work Visas?

    fraudulent made?

    back in the day when they used to let Immigration do their job, and weed out all these illegals, by raids, and round’em up and sending back on a jet liner right away you best have had your docs on you, I know of one Chinese or mandarin woman where we worked together was at the airport and her husband just made it in time before the flight took off to show she did have docs to be there and guess what they used to own a very prominent rest. in Mchenry…

    but as usual the desperate need for votes by the left brought in illegals to stay… for that all mighty vote…

  2. Uh-oh, No more of that delicious bat soup Little Eddie is so fond of. 😪

  3. DisHonestAbe1 is a Democrat who loves bat soup and raccoon stew.

    He says they’re scrumptious. 😁

  4. Get rid of all illegal aliens!

    What kind of visa did Acosta have?

  5. The also engage in organized shoplifting.

    A friend at Kohls told me when a crowd of Asians enter, they call out Mr. Dragon on the PA as an alert for security.

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