Skillicorn on Abortion

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn after seeing the Personal PAC mailing below:

Allen Skillicorn

Please tell me what is more extreme:

1) Believing that all lives matter and that human beings have inherent GOD given rights


2) Funding abortions until the day of birth with tax payer money?

That’s the choice in this race.

I am 100% Pro Life. A pre born child is a human being. That child has unique DNA and finger prints. That child is a individual.

My opponent Suzanne Ness wants to paint me into a box but fails to mention that she supports tax payer funded abortions.

She also supports abortions for viable children, up to the day of birth.

It’s that simple. Vote Skillicorn!


Skillicorn on Abortion — 7 Comments

  1. As great legislator.

    No wonder he is hated by the RINOs, Madigan, Franks, Underwood, NWH, etc.

  2. Underwood does not know whom Skillicorn is, and Madigan is spending money to crush Skillicorn because he smelled blood earlier in the summer, especially after Skillicorn & wife sold their townhome in East Dundee and did not buy a home in the district.

    They are clearly renting in Sleepy Hollow.

    As Correcting said in another thread, and I’ve heard from others, Ness has been on TV with cable TV commercials since Labor Day.

    Doubt Skillicorn is on TV.

    I had heard the Arizona rumor Ness revealed yesterday in her social media post concerning Skillicorn’s business, so unless Skillicorn starts talking publicly, and fast, the rumor will be, has Skillicorn moved to AZ and his Sleepy Hollow voter registration address is simply a “placeholder” so Skillicorn can serve out his term legally?

    Like it or not, Skillicorn is toast unless he gets a significant infusion of cash, quickly, and we’re watching for A-1 filings.

    Mailings won’t do it, Skillicorn must get on TV.

    So far, I’ve only seen one suburban state legislator with commercial on broadcast TV, the Democrat running for the open 49th district seat vacated by Karina Villa running for Oberweis’ state senate seat that was flipped two years ago.

    If Ness has a TV commercial on broadcast TV this month…

  3. If he has all but abandoned his position and hasn’t been straight with the party and electorate, his career is over because the next state won’t elect a rat playing hide and seek with himself.

    Kind of like a where’s Waldo.

    You’re done.

  4. Skillicorn will protect your rights!

    Ness is a Liberal nut job and taking contributions from Madigan.


  5. Mr, Lopez, why do say TV is so critical?

    I believe cheat by mail is Ness’ key.

    All the Madigan money spent on commercials seen by 18 % of the voters doesn’t amount to much… and the ads aren’t that good either.

  6. Blah, blah, blah…

    Another entitled white guy who lacks women’s reproductive parts flapping his gum.

    Guess he feels his political self-castration makes him an authority on abortion. Yutz!

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