Daily Herald Endorses Brian Sager for State Representative

From the Daily Herald:

Endorsement: Sager for state House Dist. 63

Four-term Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager wants to take his message of social progressivism and financial conservatism to Springfield.

Brian Sager

Sager believes a graduated income tax — which is up for a vote throughout Illinois on Nov. 3 — will help 93 percent of Illinois taxpayers who already face burdensome property taxes, leaning on the wealthiest of Illinoisans to pay a higher income tax rate to support public schools.

He supports a measure to stop legislators from leaving to become lobbyists for at least 10 years.

Sager has been a popular mayor. He defeated Peter Janko by a 2-1 ratio in March to win the Democratic primary for the statehouse.

His opponent, incumbent Republican Steven Reick, also of Woodstock, was elected in 2016 when Democrat Jack Franks left the General Assembly after 18 years to pursue the chairmanship of the McHenry County Board.

Reick defeated Democrat John Bartman, who was given the nod to run after Franks left the race, and Sager is the first real competition he has faced. Reick was uncontested in the 2018 general election as well as in the 2020 primary.

An egregious DUI charge last year and an outburst on the House floor led to Reick apologizing.

We are encouraged that he has owned his mistakes, but they do show a lack of judgment that is concerning.


Daily Herald Endorses Brian Sager for State Representative — 18 Comments

  1. Financial conservatism of Sager?


    Woodstock is in the toilet.

    Reick’s DUI is nothing.

    It’s Reick’s trashing of Trump at the 2019 County Fair that is concerning.

    And his history of tax hiking.

    And the special interests that have him in their pocket.

    His BLM escapade took the cake and his anti-second amendment positions.

    I tell my conservative friends just don’t vote for either one.

    Sager will self implode just like Reick did.

    —tired of all the lies.

  2. Endorsements from newspapers should be taken with a grain of salt. The Chicago Tribune endorsed the worst president ever of the U.S. AND his grossly incompetent sidekick, Joe Biden, twice. In 2008 and 2012.

    Anyone that Wants to trust a newspaper’s opinions on candidates in elections ought to first consider that newspaper’s honesty in fairly reporting the news, day after day, month after month, year after year. Does a newspaper flavor its “news” coverage with bias or is it straightforward and factual? Does it do fake news?

  3. Well said Bred Winner.

    Anyone who trusts newspaper endorsements is out of touch.

    Educate yourself!

    And to call Safer a popular mayor hasn’t been paying attention.

  4. Stating you are a “social progressive” and “fiscal conservative” in the same breath is like saying you are both the hunter and the prey during the same hunt.

    This is political speak bumper sticker nonsense intended to net a broad swath of different voters.

    For any thinking voter, this statement automatically disqualifies him from any serious consideration.

    This is not a serious candidate …….

  5. Whomever they endorse best to move in the exact opposite direction.

    This one was a close call though but they managed to pick the worse choice!

    Good job Northworst Herald, we can always count on you to do the wrong thing!

  6. A fellow who uses his own or somebody else’s anus for sexual gratification is beyond normal.

    Yet we are told by the Daily Herald this man should be our representative!

    I say no, but I cannot in good conscience vote for his opponent, a rabid atheist.

    No wonder this State is all screwed up!

  7. The NWH is a worthless rag I will not buy it or read it

    The Northworst Herald needs compititon

    hey guys it comes down to a vote between Reick vs Sager we have to pick the best one……..

    both candidates live in Woodstock….

    Steve with his wife Deb

    Brian with his wife?Husband?

    The Dr, title is misleading, but will be used to full advantage

    Franks wants the 63 district back…Franks nominated Sager for the RTA in 2018

  8. According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Woodstock for fiscal year 2019, property taxes went up in six of the preceding eight years. And in levy year 2016, property taxes were $9,142,568; in 2017, $9,241,101; in 2018, $9,387,854.

    To be fair, property taxes in FY2018 are actually lower than in FY2009 through FY2015.

    But when Sager took over, the levy was $7,603,698.

    By 2010, property taxes were up 32%.

    Only since that peak, for which he’s responsible, have taxes been cut.

    In short, during Sager’s tenure, property taxes are up 23.5%.

    Further, in FY2005, when Sager took over, governmental funds total expenditures totaled $16.8 million.

    In FY2019, the total was $24.5 million.

    That’s a 46% increase on his watch.

  9. He never met a tax he didn’t like!

    Increased the sales tax in Woodstock from 7%-8%.

    Increased the gas tax. Has a bag tax. Gave Kohl’s a 20 year reduced sales tax to the city has a gift.

    Another TIF district that will cost taxpayers millions in property tax for bars.

    Look at the pension funding for police and city has decreased.

    The town of Woodstock is much worse than when he took it over and he wants the progressive tax so middle class people will be stuck with the bag.

    How many pensions does Sager have?

    IMRF, MCC, MCC President and he worked for the state and is on the Metra Board.

  10. He’s an awful mayor.

    Woodstock is the highest taxed town in the county!

    That’s what Progressive/Liberals do.

    They raise taxes needlessly.

    Anyone see what the streets are like in Woodstock.

    They’re CRAP!

    The sidewalks are dangerously crumbling and heaving.

    Now he wants to go to IL to ruin that even further!

    What’s he on his 4th govt pension if he gets in?

    Vote Reick just to avoid paying another politicians 4th pension!

  11. Former disgraced McHenry County Sheriff, Keith Nygren is working on Sanger’s campaign!

    Does that tell you anything!?

  12. I remember when this jerk actually cried when he was interim MCC president and he learned he wasn’t going to get the 100K pension.

  13. Thank you, Mayor Sager, for being a kind, intelligent leader.

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