IL-14: Lauren Underwood Tries to Pin Kenosha Violence on White Supremacists/Militias not ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter

Lauren Underwood

At House Homeland Security Hearing in questions to FBI director her focus solely on the Right, not the Left

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood must be playing to all of her Leftist supporters including the Indivisible chapters in northern Illinois.

Today’s House Homeland Security Committee meeting betrayed her, and the Democrats’ latest set of talking points that it is white supremacists who are the ones responsible for the violence in this country, not militant Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters or the more militant ANTIFA terrorists.

Yes, there have been peaceful BLM protests, including the one at Crystal Lake City Hall during the summer. Peaceful protests by anyone is legitimately protected by the 1st amendment.

Kyle Rittenhouse

But violent protests and looting, which some in the far left call a form of “reparations” are illegal, and to date, Underwood has not condemned all the violence, just a transparent attempt to pin the blame on white supremacists and Patriots who support the 2nd amendment lobbing them with “militia” groups.

And she went after Antioch resident Kyle Rittenhouse as being motivated by extremists, instead of the truth Rittenhouse responded to a friend’s asking for help protecting their private property as permitted through the 2nd amendment and Wisconsin law.

As reported here on McHenry County Blog and elsewhere, Rittenhouse is awaiting his next court appearance a week from tomorrow to extradite him from Lake County’s Juvenile Center to Kenosha, where Rittenhouse’s alleged crimes took place.

Here is the portion of Underwood’s exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray. Video is cued and exchange is around six minutes.

Note how Underwood finishes, alleging a mother in Antioch claims there is a “militia cell” operating in Antioch, no specifics to know if this is a group of people meeting under 1st amendment freedom to assembly, but trying to apply connotation this group wants to harm people of color.

COMMENTARY: Lauren Underwood does not represent the mainstream residents of the 14th district with this kind of incendiary race-baiting questioning blaming the events of Kenosha on the night of August 25 on white supremacists and militias, and as was clear from Rittenhouse’s attorney, no social media post prompted Rittenhouse to do what he did. Even Joe Biden is clear that any/all violence is illegal and offenders, regardless of their political leanings, should be prosecuted.

Put another way, if Joe Biden can condemn the violence and looting inside of a 30 second TV commercial as he’s done, Lauren Underwood can and should, too in any public venue in her official work as a member of the United States Congress, or when appearing before groups, especially the news media, in her campaign.

Jim Oberweis

She thus far has failed to do this, and only her opponent Republican Jim Oberweis has consistently condemned all of violence, and specifically stated Rittenhouse should not have been on the streets of Kenosha that night. During his virtual interviews with the editorial boards, Oberweis consistently condemned vigilantism.

On this issue, Oberweis has consistently represented the mainstream voters of the 14th district. Oberweis does not answer to any extremist group, and Underwood should not be representing only the views of Black Lives Matter or Indivisible.

Finally, Underwood should be reminded, in spite of her condescending questioning of FBI Director Wray, local law enforcement, specifically, the Kenosha Police, had instituted a CURFEW called by local authorities the night of August 25 starting at 8PM CT.

Meaning no one, outside of law enforcement or other official first responders, should have been on the streets of Kenosha the night of the 25th of August. Any protesting taking place at that time and beyond was illegal, and Rittenhouse and anyone else protecting property, once they stepped off the property being protected, were in violation of curfew, too.

So when Underwood asks, what did the FBI do to share the specific social media posts (only the white supremacists/militia, not ANTIFA or BLM extremists), what did it matter? Local authorities called for a curfew that was to be obeyed. Whether Kenosha Police received information from the FBI, or through state police, is irrelevant. Curfew was ordered, it should have been obeyed and any 1st amendment gathering after curfew was illegal under reasonable restrictions precedence.

It should be noted, Underwood mentions none of this during her questioning of the FBI director, she just focused on white supremacists and militia extremists.

And since there were no other shooting victims the night of August 25, it would appear the threats expressed that Underwood quoted, particularly shoot-to-kill orders, did not take place and Rittenhouse’s shooting victims were shot in self-defense, as many including Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune have expressed from the video evidence.

May discerning voters take all of this into consideration as ballots begin to be cast next week.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Tries to Pin Kenosha Violence on White Supremacists/Militias not ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter — 13 Comments

  1. Underwood is vapid, feckless, shameful “representative” of our area.

    Lauren, I know you read this blog.

    I’m sure you’re a pleasant person.

    However, you KNOW that you’re not capable to be a US Representative and that you don’t represent the values of our district.

    You’re just taking up space and a voting gnome for the left.

    Republicans and Democrats know this….and so do you.

    Now Kim Klacik is an astute and brilliant young future leader.

    You’re just a failed dud.

    Step down, please.

  2. So here is ms buckwheat going against even what the govener and mayor of that town told all that these were all outside bussed in BLM’s and Antifa…

    what bubble does it live in…?

    oh that’s right the SOTH bubble

  3. Lauren Underwood is a “RACIST!”

    Every time. she opens her mouth she proves it!

  4. Oberweis should ask Underwood to condemn Jerry Harris of Naperville. 😮

  5. Is she for real?

    This does sound like a Pelosi-ism.

    She’s such a radical.

  6. These ad hominem attacks on poor little fake nurse are what she engages in all the time.

    Turnabout nursie!

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