AJ Freund’s Father’s Sentence – 30 Years — 8 Comments

  1. Now onto the resolution of the 2 former and now indicted DCFS employees.

  2. I might have missed it, were these three counts consecutive or concurrent, because 30 years isn’t 30 years most of the time, especially at only 85%.

  3. The length of sentence is of no matter, the real punishment will be meaded out
    by Freund’s new neighbors.

  4. What a piece of shit this guy is!!!!

    Appalling, disgusting, sickening!!!

  5. Why was this rushed through by Kenneally BEFORE the Acosta/Polovin cases were resolved?

    Very interesting whitewash.

  6. I believe that you are correct Ms Trumpion. Kenneally is a sneaky SOB in my opinion and likely has an ulterior motive.

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