Call to Arms for Allen Skillicorn

From Patriot Dawn:

Dear McHenry County Patriots, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Independents & Republicans:

Allen Skillicorn

This endorsement comes straight from the desk of a direct matrilineal descendant of the American Revolutionary War battle-land of old colonial Essex County, New Jersey.

Among my ancestral relatives, is the Honorable Abraham Clark, Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Elizabethtown, New Jersey. 

My ancestors held farms adjacent to Jockey Hollow and assisted in wintering the Continental Army there, as well as aiding in the hosting of General Washington at his Morristown headquarters of the American Revolutionary War. 

My matrilineal fifth-great-grandparents were married in the Southwestern Ohio wilderness by U.S Army Chaplain David Jones, a personal friend of George Washington, who assigned Rev. Jones as Chaplain to General Anthony Wayne for his campaign and march to the Battle of Fallen Timbers of 1794.

One young and brave militiaman soldier from Kentucky who mustered into that fight, would later be known as the honorable Major William McHenry — the namesake of our McHenry County.

It’s time for all the 2nd Amendment faithful in McHenry County and Kane County, and all who love liberty, to pull out our checkbooks & credit cards and donate to the Allen Skillicorn campaign, right now.

And let’s get out into the public squares, and start knocking on doors, to get out the vote in favor of Allen Skillicorn.

We can’t expect Allen to live & campaign on air and do all the heavy lifting for all the Constitutional faithful in McHenry & Kane counties.

It’s long past time for us all to get off our duffs and send Allen’s campaign some $$$ love and rocket fuel.

Allen faithfully attends the McHenry County gun shows and similar events, and has proven true in all matters 2A.

I am quite certain that you will never see Sue Ness at any gun show. 

Or firearms range. 

Definitely not at On Target Range & Tactical Training Center in Crystal Lake! 

Except maybe to protest and to demand “gun control” and “abolition” of ICE and police…

I am certain that OT’s ops director, our noble 2A-champion Tom Dorsch, would feel most greatly aggrieved if the good citizenry of McHenry & Lake counties voted Sue Ness into Allen Skillicorn’s seat. 

That would be our 2A death knell.

Skillicorn v. Ness is an exquisitely well-defined race. 

This horse race is “NRA–A+” versus “NRA–F”.

You either want to keep your gun(s) & ammo and your 2nd Amendment & constitutional rights, or you don’t.  

You either want American liberty & freedom, or you don’t.

Skilly doesn’t have Megabucks Madigan or Daddy Warbucks Pritzker to float his boat, the way Sue Ness does.  

Madigan & Pritzker & the leftist labor unions would fund a ham sandwich, as long as it has a “D” next to it.

It’s up to YOU to take the initiative to get Allen Skillicorn across the finish line first.

Donate some buckets of corn, some bales of hay, and enough water to feed his horse, folks, so that Allen can successfully get this race started in earnest. 

Give whatever you can spare.  And then a little more.

Remember, Governor Pritzker poured water all over Allen’s campaign with the COVID shutdown executive orders.  

It’s up to *We the People* to fight back and help Allen Skillicorn keep this seat.

If you want the guy with the A+ score with NRA-PVF, and your 2nd Amendment & constitutional rights, then giddy-up & pony-up, *now*, so that Skilly can have some cash in his kitty with which to go out and campaign.

Skilly is a great and brave man. 

Allen Skillicorn is one of the Magnificent Seven.

God bless the Mag-7 of Illinois!

If only all Illinois Republicans were so brave and true!

But our Allen is not a globalist corporatist or a wealthy heir who can count on funding himself, Bloomberg-esque, in a pinch.

Remember, it was Allen Skillicorn who courageously stood up to challenge the constitutionality of Governor Pritzker’s lockdown executive orders, by launching a gubernatorial recall campaign. 

He and others of the Magnificent Seven were very successful in getting Pritzker to ease off.  (With a little subliminal assistance from Yours Truly…)

We can thank our noble Allen Skillicorn that McHenry County & Kane County (and our great sheriffs) that many of our small businesses are even alive, and that we have an economy at all.

Sue Ness is a nice, pleasant and sincere lady — and as leftist as they come. 

She has *two mommies* for whom to advocate.

Allen Skillicorn is the strong-spined, principled fighter that America and Kane County and McHenry County need right now.

Like-minded patriots & lovers-of-liberty are welcome to contact me:

Patriot Dawn herewith whole-heartedly endorses Allen Skillicorn as our IL-66th district state representative.

For Freedom & Liberty,


Dawn M. Mueller

593 Darlington Lane #36, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(779) 713-3893


Call to Arms for Allen Skillicorn — 11 Comments

  1. Frankly, I do not know this “Patriot Dawn” person, and I believe they believe this is the right approach.

    That’s their right.

    But given how Allen Skillicorn has gone MIA, I wouldn’t give monies directly to Skillicorn’s campaign committee.

    This Patriot Dawn, or someone, should form an independent expenditure committee, and support Skillicorn through independent expenditures, instead of trusting Skillicorn to spend their money effectively to win.

    Unless Skillicorn publicly, and in-person (even through ZOOM) commits he’s in the campaign to win, I would not give any money to Skillicorn’s campaign committee, given he may, legally, just take the money and pay himself back all the campaign debt he’s incurred loaning himself money over the years.

    The Independent Expenditure committee could then pay for mailers, literature and if necessary, TV commercials (if it has enough money) without having to work directly with Skillicorn.

    May Patriot Dawn and those who listen to them consider this suggestion as the best way to protect your investment to attempt to save Skillicorn’s campaign.

    And call it the “Patriot Dawn Committee” on the D-1.

  2. Why would anyone donate to Allen Skillicorn, who has lost interest in being state representative? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    This scenario reminds me of Congressperson Daniel Rostenkowski’s last campaign (1994).

    There wasn’t much mailings and signs, until the last week.

    Then, suddenly Michael Flannigan won. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. Dawn, get with the demographics.

    Globalists like the Bushes, Reagan and Clinton paved the way for all of this.

    Amnesty Reagan, a huge Phony.

    Deep Stater Bush, angry about the Hinckley assassination failure.

    Clinton, โ€˜victimโ€™ of a Mossad honey trap (Lewinsky)

    Here elections are all for the birds.

    All rigged.

  4. Skilly: the coward who abandoned his post and his constituents, but has no problem cashing his checks. Yeah, there’s a useless butthole that deserves support.

  5. I know where Allen will not be. On the Supreme Court replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg who just passed away.

  6. Yeah, who gives a shit about your ancestors.

    Skillicorn is a Rauner bootlicker and so are you.

    You get castrated in November.

  7. I donated when you bleed me dry with your taxes.

    That’s why I’m leaving McGreedy county.

  8. You obviously don’t remember that Skillicorn did not endorse Rauner’s re-electiion.

  9. @Eddie, Rosty was under indictment in 1994, that’s why he went radio silent. He saw the writing on the walls.

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