Hit Piece on Reick — 5 Comments

  1. This ought to get him votes in McHenry County! ( the collar county that carried Trump!)

    His Dem opponent Sager will be awful for IL!

    A community theatre a for and gay grand Poohbah in Woodstock’s gay parades.

  2. Funny. Reick has been badmouthing Trump the last 4 years. Serves the rat right.

    I can’t vote for Reick, sorry. He’s a big fat tax-hiking RINO who called second amendment supporters ‘extremists’,

    I do hope he loses, but I wont be voting for the equally repellant Sager.

  3. I actually see this as a positive for Reick.

    What they are basically saying is that both Trump and Reick are against killing babies.

    Put some more flattering pictures and change the color scheme and it’s an ad for him.

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