Military Surplus Obtained by McHenry County Municipalities

Open the Books has tabulated all the military surplus equipment transferred to local entities.

Here’s the map showing which McHenry County municipalities received equipment:

This is reported for Lake in the Hills:

Marengo received this equipment:

The Crystal Lake Park District received the following:

The Fox River Grove Police Department got this equipment:

In Island Lake, the following was transferred:

Johnsburg’s equipment follows:

McCullom Lake received the following:

McHenry’s Police Department bought a lot of guns:

Spring Grove obtained the following:


Military Surplus Obtained by McHenry County Municipalities — 10 Comments

  1. What’s an ‘enclosure assembly’?

    A pen to keep people in?

  2. Great use of equipment and it’s fiscally responsible to us taxpayers.

    Just wait until the Marxist come knocking on the door to destroy your town after this election, and people are crying for the police to do something….

    Hopefully this equipment will help them protect us.

  3. Nob, they gotta keep the wildlife under control cause if they don’t a revolution could start any time.


    Wild Life Matters

  4. trying to figure out the purpose of this post
    and I am wondering how many of those weapons end up
    in homes as personal use

    I would love a $ 58 .45

  5. @Bill, All of them do as I don’t believe any of the aforementioned departments provide department issued weapons for the officers.

    They get annual uniform allowances to buy weapons and gear and when they leave the employ, said gear is OWNED by said officer.

  6. Got to stop rioters, looter, arsonists in their tracks. Need tanks, armored personnel carriers, etc. Actual peaceful protests advocated by Martin Luther King Jr is fine. Riots, insurrection, destruction of property is not and must be stopped cold.

    A Harris/Biden administration, actually regime, will be a signal to the bad element that riots, looting, etc are OK. The Democrats apparently do not want law and order and never mentioned the riots and what to do about in their Democrat controlled cities at their Convention that endorsed the doofus dope dementia Biden.

  7. Bill Matteson said: “I would love a $ 58 .45”

    You and me both. Though the price differences between these municipalities is interesting.

    Also, what “military surplus” 5.56 are they buying that’s only semi-automatic?


    These aren’t standard pleb-issue AR15.

    These are probably M16 and M14

    I’m interested in what might be a .45 “AUTOMATIC” pistol, though they are simply referring to .45 ACP (automatic colt pistol) as a generic term for something like a 1911.

    Fully auto 1911s are a real thing though.

    This must be Program 1033 surplus.

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