IL-14: Jim Oberweis Hits Broadcast and Cable TV Airwaves

Jim Oberweis

Highlighting Lauren Underwood calling Black Lives Matter protests “beautiful” while she continues refusing to condemn BLM/ANTIFA violence

Late Friday afternoon, Jim Oberweis released his first TV commercial as part of a broadcast and cable TV ad buy:

COMMENTARY: The ad builds upon a theme where Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has consistently, since the first outbreaks of violence back in late May, refused to completely condemn violence and as recently as yesterday, has confined any criticism of rioting on white supremacists and militias. Protests begun by extremist elements of Black Lives Matters and agitated by ANTIFA, or any other Leftist group, Underwood continues to refuse to condemn.

Other Democrats, including Democrat leadership, have forcefully condemned ALL violence, including:

  • Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, including in one of his TV commercials
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from the floor of the House this week, openly condemned all violence associated with protests

What do you think of Oberweis’ first ad? Please rate it in comments, and please keep comments on the Oberweis TV commercial. Thank you.


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Hits Broadcast and Cable TV Airwaves — 10 Comments

  1. Is there a bigger jerk running for office than Milk Shake Jim? Let’s help keep his losing streak alive.

  2. Yes, there is a much bigger jerk running for office.

    His name is Sleepy Creepy Slow Joe Biden.

  3. I think it’s effective.

    There’s been a shift in Underwood’s statements, either her “advisors” or coaches didn’t get to her in time before she “slipped” again and said something that reveals her inexperience, but here it is along with other statements like blaming “white supremacists”(?) for the violence in Kenosha.

    In a district that voted Trump in 2016 and hopefully will do so in force Nov., she’s running scared.

    Voters aren’t going to take the time to break down the vote and they’re pissed.

    Underwood wants to take America away from us.

    No matter what she takes credit for, she’s the problem, we’re better off without her.

  4. Amen!

    And Heinrich, to answer your question, yes there is: Underweirdo!

  5. Amen!

    I thought this ad was great. The juxtaposition of Lauren Ashley Underwood calling protests “beautiful” against the images of chaos and destruction was powerful, and it effectively tied her to the violence and made her look like an out of touch lunatic.

    The narrator refuting Underwood by declaring riots are not beautiful and referring to Underwood as an enabler of violence was a heartwarming touch (people are sick of moral nihilism and relativism, they crave a return to the Good).

    I give it an “A” and this is the best thing Oberweis has done in his campaign so far.

  6. Let’s see Lauren Underwood the racist, who snubbed AJ Freund at a public parade, who supports Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.



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