Trump Boat Parade on Lower Fox on Sunday, September 27th

Word is out that there will be a Trump Boat Parade starting at Port Edward on Sunday, September 27th, starting at 11.

Here’s a preview.

Hope some folks on the Fox River will count the number of boats and send some photos.


Trump Boat Parade on Lower Fox on Sunday, September 27th — 15 Comments

  1. Will they let Little Eddie and his paddle boat join in the parade ?
    Will he bring his cat along ? 😺
    Here’s hoping !

  2. Why no Dementiacrat enthusiasm for Thorazine Joe?

    Unbelievable how weak and feeble he is to watch.

    The Dems should be ashamed.

    Now that the True independents are taking a serious look, the only hope for Joe is Daley era voter fraud.

  3. What would a parade for doofus dementia bufoon Joe Biden look like?

    Thieves, looters, vandals and imbeciles carrying rocks and molotovs and signs showing “Vote Harris-Biden”.

  4. Just try and post if there is a time change like last time due to weather.

    These can be worth seeing.

  5. Who knows the route?

    Heading north or south?

    Where can we see it on land along the way?

  6. If the boats start at Port Edward, the parade would have to head north.

  7. There is a park in Fox River Grove south of the train station parking lot.

  8. WooHoo!!

    Trump 2020

    Hmmm…freedom, safety, good economy, law and order, jobs, rights, constitution, fun or Democratic chaotic, fiery, destructive, chanting, fake, unsafe, scary, nutty socialist world

  9. Vote Trump – In person early voting.
    Freedom, rights, law and order!

  10. Let’firm up the time.

    Does it start at noon or 11:00.

    Jorge ski hill is another spot to watch.

    It is on the riv eff r about 1 mile North of NWHY 14

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