IL-06: Sean Casten Twitter Tantrum on Supreme Court Vacancy *UPDATED*

Sean Casten

And some think President Trump has Twitter rants, Casten throws a Friday night tantrum which betrays a stand-up comic posing as a Congressman

Congressman Sean Casten (D, Twitterland) upon hearing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s commitment to conduct the Senate’s business, reacted in the way McHenry County Blog has warned Casten not to do. When he is mad, stay away from Twitter, as he expressed his thoughts on Twitter in no fewer than 22 tweets.

All of this on the heels of yesterday’s passing of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg at age 87.

The 21-part Twitter rant is transcribed for ease of reading, and [BLEEP] out any expletives. As the rant begins, Casten should have taken his own advice:

Mitch McConnell

“OK everyone. Take a breath. It’s time to fight like everything you have for democracy, because that’s what’s on the damned ballot. Are you with me to fight like hell for RBG’s legacy? Then here’s what you gotta do:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a sniveling sack of hatred who is petrified to live in a world where he might be judged by the content of his character. Treat him with 100% of the respect he has earned. And not a penny more.

Make this election a referendum on what he does next. Hell hath no fury like 150 million women scorned. And they were scorned when the Senate nominated Kavanaugh. This is worse.

Every single Senator who is up for election in 45 days needs to live in fear that calling for a vote on a SC nominee would mobilize that anger. Call them. Text them. Email them. Tell them what you think, and do not let them ignore you.

Every Senator who voted to confirm Kavanaugh voted for a man who was credibly accused of sexual assault. Who shed crocodile tears about a calendar. Who lied about “boofing”. If all those cowards get for that is losing an election, they should thank us for our mercy.

Federal election laws limit you to $2800 per candidate. Give as much as you can to ensure that every single one of those cowards spends the rest of their lives thanking us for not destroying the social safety net they will soon depend on.


Sean Casten

“Go give as much as you can to Sara Gideon so she can beat the snot out of Coward-in-Chief [Maine U.S. Senator] Susan Collins.

Go give as much as you can to Mark Kelly
so he can beat the snot out of unfit-to-carry-John McCain’s legacy [AZ Senator] Martha McSally.

Go give as much as you can to Jim Hickenlooper so he can be the snot out of aspiring Trump sycophant [CO Senator] Cory Gardner.

Go give as much as you can to Jaime Harrison so he can beat the snot out of World Champion, undefeated Trump sycophant, [Senate Judiciary Chairman, SC Senator] Lindsay Graham.

Sorry, I lost the numbering thread. My anger at Mitch McConnell
and his Republican sycophants has gotten the better of me.

(QUICK COMMENTARY: Men and women who command respect got the better of Casten a long time ago. Continuing the rant, and yes, there’s more.)

“Go give as much as you can to Cal Cunningham so he can beat the snot out of undistinguished-rando-Trump-rubber stamp [NC Senator] Thom Tillis.

Go give as much as you can to U.S. Senator Doug Jones [D, AL], a truly good man who’s only sin, as far as I can tell is representing a state where defending victims of racial injustice is still partisan.

Go give as much as you can to Barbara Bollier [D, KS], that rare (only?) *elected* Republican who saw what Trump has done and had the courage to say, “that ain’t me” and changed parties [Kansas U.S. Senate seat is open].

Go give as much as you can to Theresa Greenfield to beat the snot out of Profiles-In-Followership laureate [IA Senator] Joni Ernst.

Go give as much as you can to [Montana] GOVERNOR Steve Bullock to beat the snot out of the guy who represents Glacier National Park but can’t be bothered to do a damned thing about climate change.

(Seriously: [Steve] Daines should never again be invited to eat Thanksgiving at the big kids table for spewing garbage like this. [meme excluded)

(QUICK COMMENTARY: Casten takes a quick breath and continues)

“But all that is only the start. If you make every single cowardly Republican Senator nervous, all you accomplish is keeping Trump’s little Mitch from acting before 11/3. Then we shift to the lame duck.

We will do EVERYTHING we can in the House. But a democracy-affirming majority in the House can only do so much to protect against a coward/grift-affirming majority in the Senate before January.

So we’ll need your help. Just remember that the overwhelming majority of Americans are good people. That’s what scares the Republicans so much. It’s why they’re so petrified of a free and fair election.

The proof is that the largest peaceful protest in our nations history was the Women’s March. Which was subsequently exceeded by Black Lives Matter. It’s time to top that. March peacefully, but march hard.

Send a signal to the world that we are still the country of decency. Of democracy. Of equality for all. Of all that is righteous and good. But we will not sit down in the face of injustice. And cowards will be held to account.”

Sean Casten Twitter rant, 9/18/20

Maybe Casten’s rant will come up at Monday night’s League of Women Voters candidates forum.

UPDATE: Saturday Night Special Tantrum from Casten

2018 Mailer Against Casten from IL Republican Party

Showing one good tantrum deserves another and Casten Twitter madness comes in pairs, here is the 3-part tweet Casten sent Saturday night:

“We need to talk about the implicit assumption that every single GOP Senator will vote for whatever right-wing nutjob Trump nominates without even knowing who that person is or what turns up in their confirmation hearings.

This is the result of [Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett] Kavanaugh and the impeachment hearings. We simply assume that governance, diligence and duty to the long term health of the country is irrelevant to the Republicans.

It’s not wrong of course. But it is shocking how quickly we have all simply assumed that to be true and don’t even talk about it anymore. It’s truly shameful.”

Sean Casten Twitter thread 9/19/20

These questions must be asked at the LWV candidates’ forum Monday night.


IL-06: Sean Casten Twitter Tantrum on Supreme Court Vacancy *UPDATED* — 21 Comments

  1. What exactly can a Congressperson do about a Supreme Court nominee?

    Nothing! 😮🔔

    Sean, the US is officially a republic, not a democracy. 🤓

  2. Don’t expect anything good, fair or honest out of the League of Women Voters human fleas.

    Casten must have seen the DNC’s secret polling on Trump and had another LGBTQ panic attack.

    Casten is a pervy sort and a fake.

    He’s also very touchy about LGBTQ ‘rights’ and screams ‘Nazi’ at everyone who resists his Marxist rants.

  3. Trump drives the desperate and power mad DEMOCRATS beyond the furthest reaches
    of the TDS twilight zone, and I’m LOVIN’ IT !

  4. Trump should nominate the most pro life justice he can find.

    The democrats would not hesitate to fill this vacancy if the situation were reversed.

    Besides can you imagine how nuts morons like Casten would get?

    The more crazy the media and democrats get, the more you know that you are doing the right thing.

  5. What a fool. He ought to read the Constitution/law. The current president is within his authority to nominate a person to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. When that happens, the US Senate has an obligation to have hearings and confirm or reject that nominee. It is that simple and it is lawful.

    This guy needs to be overwhelmingly rejected by the voters next February.

  6. The only thing Trump has ever done for the working class people that elected him is irritate the same people they hate. I’m still old enough to remember the “beautiful middle class tax cut” he started rambling about at the midterms. And the health care plan he’s talked about for years. It must be hidden with his tax returns, which he’s afraid to show because he is nowhere near as rich as he says he is, according to his own lawyer and family.

  7. When you talk about the ‘working’ class exactly who do you mean?

    I work and until the democrats shut down the country I was making more money than ever and paying less taxes.

    My job also gives insurance so I have a health care plan.

    You must be talking about those working class people who don’t actually work and think the government should give them free health care.

  8. The far, far left media controlled by Democrats had one of their own on ABC-TV, today, George Stephanopolous (who was prominently in Bill Clinton’s Administration) ask Nancy Pelosi about the Senate voting on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. George asked her what if Biden wins in November AND Democrats win in November to take over the Senate in January what if the Republicans try to “PUSH THROUGH” a vote in a lame duck session for Trump’s nominee.

    This is typical left wing media and Democrats’ lies and deceit, “PUSH THROUGH”, alluding to a vote for a nominee in November or December is some how illegitimate. That is dishonest dialogue. The Senate has a majority of Republicans duly elected and constitutionally enabled to vote on a Supreme Court nominee, no matter the November election results, anytime in November and December.

    The reckless and deceitful Nancy Pelosi said she has “Arrows in her Quiver” that she could use if the Republicans try to have a vote for the Supreme Court nominee in November or December and Biden wins in November and Democrats win control of the Senate (Starting in 2021).

    The vicious assault by Senate Democrats on the last Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, will pale in comparison to what Senate Democrats such as Durbin, Whitehouse, Blumenthal, Harris, etc mount against Trump’s nominee. One of the names hinted for nominee is a woman judge who is a Catholic. Will Democrats attack the Catholic Religion and by extension persons who practice same?

  9. “Will Democrats attack the Catholic Religion and by extension persons who practice same?”

    Of course they will.

    This is the party that supports killing babies and has taken God out of the pledge of allegiance.

    They attack those who believe in God on a regular basis.

  10. The “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. 😐

  11. Back in 2016, Ruth Bader Ginsberg said that US presidents are elected to serve 4 years, not 3. Meaning that a president can and must fulfill his/her responsibilities and obligations as defined by Constitution and law over the FULL 4 years.

  12. “Not here the darkness, in this twittering world” (T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton).

    Casten is truly a degenerate.

    He and Underwear depicted themselves as Moderate and Independent.

    They need to become spoxs for Lambda Legal or the Venezuelan regime.

  13. Neal,

    You didn’t answer my question. What policy has Trump put forth that has benefitted the people who voted for him (who tend to be working class and have no college education)? There are none. He’s bankrupted farmers in Wisconsin at a historic rate with his tariffs. He’s done nothing about bringing back factory jobs. You may not be using the Affordable Care Act, but plenty of people who have college age kids on it are very grateful for it. People whose elderly parents rely on Medicaid are grateful for it. And most of the people who use government assistance programs tend to live in red states. Finally, the government was shut down because the wall was such a dumb idea. It completely ignores the simple fact most people get here on a plane or a ship and overstay a work visa. The wall was about getting kickbacks back to a Trump.

  14. I’ll answer you bountygate fool: he stood up to the Chinese Communists, he ditched NAFTA-SHAFTA, he made the economy zoom, and he fulfilled a sig. part of the wall barrier to keep out invaders, and decent judges.

  15. Dante,

    Trump (a game show host) is playing you for a fool. He owed hundreds of millions to the Bank of China. He just says racist stuff about them, and rolls over to do what they say. He brags about his great friendship with Xi. NAFTA was the brainchild of George H. W. Bush. The wall is not there. The judges he’s appointed would do better in a theocracy, which all of his brainwashed supporters probably would too.

  16. JP,

    It’s like all of you are allergic to facts, truth, and science.

    The only thing you do is hurl insults. You sound like Joseph McCarthy.

    Actually, I own a business nearby with 100 employees.

    Try again🙄

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