Ginsburg’s Death Bumps AJ’s Father’s Sentence to Page 3

Originally, I’d guess the 30-year sentence of Andrew Freund would have been on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

Then, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and bumped the story to page 3.

There was a mention on page 1, however, in the lower left hand corner.

But the main story was on page 3.


Ginsburg’s Death Bumps AJ’s Father’s Sentence to Page 3 — 15 Comments

  1. No matter, as they’ll both end up in the same place eventually.

    RIP AJ.

  2. As the legal story unfolds regarding the 2 DCFS “guardians” unfolds, that will be front page news I’m sure.

  3. Polovin is going to throw his underling Acosta under the bus for leniency. Watch!

    As for the old witch, Yep, the pending civil war will be completely off the rails now. Patriots STAND YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT BACK.

  4. They are saying it won’t be an easy trial to win.

    It shouldn’t always be a slam dunk, sometimes you have to roll the dice and if you offer a respectable plea agreement, they usually plead guilty for a lesser sentence.

    If not, try the case and break his bank while doing it.

  5. Like the way Kenneally took center stage taking the spotlight and credit.

    It really shows his big ego and poor character in my opinion.

  6. Kenneally loves the limelight!

    He might be getting some negative limelight when enough people realize he isn’t tat swift.

    Devious? YES

    Deceitful? OF COURSE

    Sneaky? ROGER THAT

    Smart? NOT REALLY!

  7. Valeurs Actuelle and the rest of you ill informed IGNORAMUS people who feel compelled to go on the attack of our present law enforcement community and in particular our present MCHENRY COUNTY STATE’S ATTORNEY PATRICK DEVIN KENNEALLY.

    Let’s get a few things STRAIGHT right off the bat as your blog constantly feels the need to ostracize the work of PATRICK KENNEALLY.

    Your assertions of him being on a complete and utter ego trip appearing before the public especially in high profile cases, clearly if you ALL WERE BETTER INFORMED ABOUT HOW THE LEGAL SYSTEM WORKS,it’s precisely the role of the states attorney to appear before the public and media to properly address the issues and the complexities of course of cases that are before their respective court dockets.

    Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to really get to know MR. KENNEALLY as well as his staff and I can honestly tell you this that PAT is congenial and the most charismatic person I have ever met.

    As my clear direction is to be an Attorney and let alone an Assistant State’s Attorney I LEAN ON AMAZING PEOPLE LIKE PAT KENNEALLY to MOLD ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION OF BEING THE AMAZING ATTORNEY that he also is and I WOULD KINDLY ADVISE YOU ALL whether you agree with his leadership abilities or not to be more respectful especially since your blog page is about GOP principles and PAT IS A GREAT AND SOLID REPUBLICAN.

    TY FOR LETTING ME BE HEARD because I’ve been wanting for months to weigh in on your negative feelings towards him.

  8. I guess the lesbian posse of the sheriff’s dept. doesn’t like their poster boy’s work “ostracized”(sic).

  9. Michelle has a nose of brown. She’ll get a big gold star from lazy lefty Patty Cake tomorrow morning.

  10. Wow, what minion this lamebrain Lannes is.

    This takes the cake for being an employee-sycophant.

    Kenneally aside, why does this creature feel the need to defend her boss with such non-sequiturs?

    Old Bianchi had Kenneally pegged when ‘flower child’ Pat suddenly dropped the Lantz prosecution that Bianchi worked so hard to bring?

    What a pathetic fawn job!

    Obviously Michelle is one of Pat’s barely literate ‘day lily’ staffers.

    How does someone “ostracize” a person’s work?

    Learn some English usage and grammar, Michelle, your own ignorance is showing.

    I disagree with Horace, Michelle does not have a ‘nose of brown’.

    She’s got a ‘face of brown!’

  11. Who the hell is Lannes? Can’t Kenneally lad defend himself?

    Kenneally is a disgrace!

    And he’s hired his own overweight cheerleaders like Lannes!

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