Bob Anderson Points to Backroom Succession Deals as He Continues His Campaign to Abolish Townships

From Bob Anderson, found in the Northwest Herald and published with permission of its author:

Are township elections contaminated with deception?

Many consider back-room township elections fraudulent, or the township way. 

Let’s take a look at some of McHenry Township’s election history, starting with the late former McHenry Township Supervisor Albie Adams.

Bob Anderson

Adams retired from township government May 1, 1998.

The 68 year old Adams received a taxpayer funded township government check, with benefits, for 33 years, 16 years as trustee and 17 years as supervisor.

Adams retired mid-term to make sure the next supervisor would have a leg-up-as-an-incumbent for the next election cycle. 

Within two weeks after Adam’s retirement, after a 10 minute meeting, long time McHenry County Board Member Donna Schaefer was tabbed as Adams replacement.

Supervisor Schaefer continued as a county board member, receiving two taxpayer funded pay checks with benefits.

The present McHenry Township supervisor, Craig Adams, was a township trustee at this time and voted for Schaefer.  

Former long time, and inefficient, McHenry Township Assessor Carol Perschke was a trustee for many years, waiting in the wings for her mid-term appointment as an incumbent assessor.  

Former McHenry Township Clerk, Marsha Nelson, was a trustee when she received her appointment after Clerk Bruce Novak resigned four weeks after he was reelected.

Novak was a McHenry Township trustee for many years prior to becoming clerk. 

The present McHenry Township supervisor, Craig Adams, received his mid-term appointment from Donna Schaefer and her hand picked board of trustees.

Adams was elected as trustee in 1998. 

The present McHenry Township road commissioner, Jim Condon, received his mid-term appointment from former road commissioner Leon VanEvry.

Condon was also a former trustee, being elected in 2007. 

The township government election process is flawed with insider deception.

This is the township-way.

End it!

Support township dissolution.

Time to get it done.


Bob Anderson Points to Backroom Succession Deals as He Continues His Campaign to Abolish Townships — 23 Comments

  1. Between this and the outrage over the appointment of a coroner as government corruption, I’m sure you are just as pissed that McHenry County judges have done the same thing.



  2. Mr. Anderson, a McHenry Township trustee, left out a few details, particularly on the Albie Adams retirement, and search for his successor back in the late 1990s. Will try to fill in a few details, as it involves another current trustee on the McHenry Township board.

    Back in mid 1997, then-State Representative Ann Hughes resigned five months into her 3rd term in Springfield, creating a vacancy for the McHenry County 63rd district state representative seat. Hughes had beaten Steven Verr three straight times in the Republican primaries and with her resignation, the then-McHenry County Republican Chairman Al Jourdan wanted to make sure the appointment process was open as possible, though all knew then Assessor-elect Michael J. Brown was the preferred candidate of Jourdan, but he went through the motions of having an “open” process for the appointment.

    The party’s “selection committee” interviewed 9 candidates for the Hughes appointment, including Verr, Donna Schaefer, Brown and Dr. Tom Salvi, the brother of defeated U.S. Senate candidate Al Salvi, who was looking to run statewide again in 1998. Brown, Salvi, Schaefer and Peter Micheling emerged from the initial screening.

    The “finalists” came down to Brown and Schaefer, and Jourdan did not want to see a 3-way Republican primary between Brown, Schaefer and Verr, so to get Schaefer out of the way, Jourdan engineered McHenry Township Supervisor Albie Adams to announce his retirement.

    Behind the scenes, Jourdan would make sure Schaefer had the votes to be appointed the following year.

    With Schaefer given an appointment with full time salary and benefits, she would not run for state representative, and Brown was appointed by Jourdan, through the McHenry Township Board.

    The following year, appointed State Representative Brown defeated Verr in the head-to-head primary by a close 51%-49% margin, with the appointed incumbency likely giving Brown the edge, a 357 vote margin.

    On the Democratic side, Jack Franks easily defeated the former McHenry County Democrat Chairman Frank McClatchey, 57%-43%.

    It should be noted, barely 3000 votes were cast in the Democrat primary in this race, and over 15,000 Republican votes were cast.

    After the primary, Adams retirement from McHenry Township happened, and with the township clerk casting the deciding vote as allowed by law, Donna Schaefer was appointed by the township board on a 3-2 vote to replace Adams as supervisor.

    That fall, Jack Franks went on to beat appointed State Representative Mike Brown, flipping the seat to Democrat where it remained and after 8 terms, Steve Reick’s 2016 election when Franks opted to run for McHenry County Board Chairman flipped the seat back to Republican.

  3. Didn’t Brown own a camera store?

    More back room dealing than laid out here I bet

  4. Bob and the “tax revolt” gamed the caucus system with weighted votes to steamroll themselves onto the ballot

    Bob pushed for the appointment of his cronie Verr (who lost the race for supervisor) to get appointed to the board when Cunningham resigned.

    Bob, Rakestraw, and Verr continue to ignore both the Bus and the dissolution referendums from the primary election that just passed.

    Bob has no moral high ground here to stand on, nothing but the pot calling the kettle black

  5. Antifaboy Tauler.

    Elections have consequences my boy.

    Why should the taxpayers in McHenry Township have a bus line after the township got soaked to pay for the County’s McRide program?

    More government pensions for a lot of empty busses.

    I support Bob Anderson and his taxfighters.

    They did what they were elected to do.

    Mike, where you in Kenosha last month?

  6. I have never seen a finer group of obstinate small town stuffed shirts as the three trustees Anderson, Rakestraw, and Verr.

    Seriously, it’s like bad a reality show.

    They have such a mixed message that it literally leaves you asking “is this for real”?

    First and foremost, they must of all attended the Hillary Clinton school of never accepting loss.

    To my count, they’ve lost three referendums, the last one by such a large margin that some politicians would turn shades of green for that number of votes.

    Assuredly, they all excelled at turning people off and becoming totally repulsive at the Hillary School because they have no concept of how much they inconvenience their constituents.

    The best example of this is when they called an Emergency Meeting earlier this year to raise the bus fares on seniors and the disabled, during a pandemic!

    The meeting had to be held audio only, so to participate, I had to sit in a parking lot with my cell phone pressed to my ear for an hour and a half.

    Forget Russian interference in the Nov. election, unless the Russians hired these three “trustees”, because here we are, in the middle of the most important election of our lifetimes, and we have to drop everything to attend Township meetings to watchdog these three, put up yard signs, contact voters to save the services vital to us etc. etc.

    Since Anderson brought up backroom deals (we won’t mention the one where it was a foregone conclusion that he would appoint Verr as “Trustee”) I’m left wondering if they had a meeting with Jack Franks?

    I mean why would they work to consolidate with a county that just had a board member arrested, and the Chairman himself got celebrity status via a huge billboard on Rt.31 in Crystal Lake?

    The County has never come out and said our Township Tax would be eliminated, in fact, the County didn’t even have a plan to “consolidate” with McHenry Township, it was just a scheme to make Franks look like “a tax cutter”.

    There have been other special moments with these three as well, like when they tapped the brakes on their scorched Earth policy toward the Township and voted to make McHenry Township a gun sanctuary??

    We really didn’t need a rubber stamp from them on this issue, or one of my favorites is when Verr refused to have his temperature checked a recent meeting (the only one out of two dozen+ people) because “he didn’t trust” the person administering the checks, it was straight out of the Cuckoos’ Nest.

    No, Bob Anderson, let’s not get rid of Townships, let’s get rid of you!

  7. Kirk Donald are you Johnny ‘the Squeeze’ Condon?

    Township hacks need to get off the taxpayers’ backs and find real employment. (If they employable)

  8. Geal, get to a clinic have them check your meds. You’re posts make no sense.

  9. Township employees should be working now, not posting!

    But you guys never work do you?

  10. McRide serves the general public, within McHenry County.

    It replaced the now extinct Crystal Lake Dial A Ride. 😐

    The McHenry Senior Express Township Bus serves senior citizens and disabled only, within McHenry Township only. 😐

  11. Townships? Why do we have them?








    I’m moving to state without townships!

  12. Bob Anderson is right.

    Contamination of Township elections follow closely the playbook of State and Federal deceptive information.

    Unfortunately, about 80% of honest citizens are defeated by legal, illegal, and immoral actions of the corrupt who employ the outrageous expense of litigation to defeat everyone they oppose.

    This is true in the Township system, where it has not been the structure, but those who operate within the structure by employing corrupt practices.

    Bob Anderson has been a messenger with a wake up call, please listen to him.

    Be a good citizen, leave your comfort zone and participate in the educational and research facilities to know the truth, and be a good supporting citizen.

    Our government on all levels have many good responsible programs, which unfortunately, have been infiltrated and captured by the corrupt, at the expense of our good and honest citizens.

    Become involved, defeat corruption!

  13. BOB ANDERSON is talking about “backroom deals?”

    After Barber Bob and his cronies rigged the Republican Caucus so they could game their way into Township nominations (by allowing their fellow Committeemen insiders to cast HUNDREDS of votes while members of the public could cast only ONE)??

    After Barber Bob and his cronies “serve” the public by shoveling THOUSANDS of taxpayer dollars to their pet lawyers and consultants, all to advance 82-year-old Barber Bob’s political feud?

    Bob Anderson’s a “wake-up” call, all right.

    As a School Board Trustee, he’s done absolutely NOTHING to reduce the SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT of our property tax bill that goes to education.

    He’d rather obsess over his personal vendetta against “Townships,” which account for TWO PERCENT of the same tax dollar.


    Because Barber Bob was rejected by the voters when he ran for Township Supervisor eons ago.

    And because the Township Assessor once REFUSED to give Barber Bob the preferential tax assessment reduction that Bob demanded, a reduction that would have shifted Bob Anderson’s share of the tax burden onto his neighbor’s shoulders.

    The “Wake-up Call” is this:


  14. AND as for the “Township Dissolution” that Barber Bob and his cohorts keep going on about?

    Think it gives you any money back?

    Think again…

    It simply transfers the TWO PERCENT Township portion of your tax bill to…wait for it…JACK FRANKS.

    You get rid of your Township, BUT YOU KEEP ON PAYING for it to McHenry County.

    Oh, on an $8,000 total property tax bill, you’ll get $16 (SIXTEEN DOLLARS) back the first year, which will completely disappear by the following year.

    It’s a sweet sleight-of-hand deal for County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

    Do you wonder if he’s promised anything to Bob Anderson and his cronies?


    No way.

    That couldn’t POSSIBLY happen in McHenry County…

  15. Robert Williams: Township hack!

    I’ll take the three percent Williams!

    The insane township bus line is duplicative. Used by 25 people at a cost of $200k

    Atypical township stooge?


    “CHICAGO (AP) — A suburban Chicago road commissioner was indicted Thursday on federal charges alleging he took kickbacks from an excavation company to which he steered business over eight years.

    The indictment alleges Robert Czerek, 69. the elected head of the Bloomingdale Township Road District, knew Bulldog Earth Movers didn’t do much of the work for which it billed the township.”

  16. Townships.

    A place where people cant succeed in the real world .

    they fail.

    Like Adam’s.

    Pioneer center?

    Weasels back to a tax payer check like bob points out.

    Then let’s not even go into Condon’s record .

    Then let’s head south to the miller crime family.

    No lawsuits since 1859 when township in mchenry township was established now no less than 4 since the leeches took over.
    Only way they can survive

    mike bob steve .

    Thank you.

  17. JP: Learn to read.

    You don’t get ANY money back from “Township Dissolution”, you instead keep paying it BUT it goes to Jack Franks.

    But then, you know Jack Franks REALLY well, I’m guessing? Want to share your connection to him with us..?

  18. William P. Cunningham: Why do you think that Jack Franks and his accomplice, State Rep. Dave McSweeney, wrote the “Township Dissolution” law so that it funnels the same tax dollars to Franks..?

    Pass a REAL law where getting rid of a Township gives ALL the Township’s tax dollars back to the taxpayer and I’ll support it.

    I just don’t share your passion for giving MORE of my tax dollars to Jack Franks instead…

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