Lakewood Avoids Another In-Person Meeting

From the Lakewood Village Board Agenda:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 7p.m.

The Village President has determined that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent due to the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-53 and will therefore be held remotely via Zoom at the following address:

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 882 3615 0574 Passcode: 565338

= = = = =

Note that no physical location is given.


Lakewood Avoids Another In-Person Meeting — 6 Comments

  1. Nothing like a phony pandemic to provide cover for the corrupt and cowardly.

  2. Watch the little clown show circus and Ringmaster Bergman crack the whip.

  3. Starting today, election packets are available.

    Positions open for election, include the village president.

  4. Pretty sad, sounds like an excuse to me.

    My school board just had a public meeting last week and it was no problem.

    Get a big enough space and spread everyone out.

    Why does Lakewood always seem to have so much drama?

  5. Where’s Crystal Lake on the Mayor situation?

    Who’s going to run? I’ve heard nothing.

    What’s Up with that?

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