Message of the Day – Missing

Take a look at the vandalism to one of 6th District Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives signs:

And what did the sign say before part of the message was cut out?

“Why is Sean Casten Hiding?”

Ives writes in a tweet:

It would be nice if Sean Casten would stand up to his supporters who are breaking the law.

This weekend, 4 of our signs were stolen.

Now this.

Theft is still a crime.

Destruction of personal property is still a crime.

District 6 deserves lawmakers who take the law seriously.


Message of the Day – Missing — 4 Comments

  1. Wow!

    Casten’s goons slit signs.

    Throats next!

    Wake up sleepy heads!


  2. He should peddle his BS on the West Side. He wouldn’t last 15 minutes.

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