IL-06/IL-14: NRCC Chair Interviewed About Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis
Jeanne Ives

Discussion included what it’s like to serve with Sean Casten on a congressional committee

Congressman Tom Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) phone in for an interview with Dan Proft at Morning Answer today in WIND AM560.

The interview focused on the races to flip the 6th district of Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

The 15 minute interview with Emmer is in the video below (cued to start of Emmer interview). In addition to serving with Casten on the House Financial Services Committee, he shared where the Chicago suburban races stacked up with other races nationwide as far as importance for NRCC funding allocations.

Promotions from NRCC on Twitter:


IL-06/IL-14: NRCC Chair Interviewed About Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis — 3 Comments

  1. No surprise about Casten, that’s just how cowardly Marxists bullies roll.

  2. Listened to the interview on radio 560 this morning. The most intelligent radio in the early morning is on WIND 560 with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson. The big radio station in Chicago is pablum and exposure to it in morning or whenever will turn your brain into mush. That big radio station is going through convulsions changing out talk hosts including a far left wing Trump hater earlier this year.

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