Oberweis Polls

Sunday night a caller from Promark Research called on behalf of the Jim Oberweis campaign.

There was no mention of who paid for it, but from the context, it was obviously Oberweis.

Also obvious was the fact that Oberweis had decided, at least at the time of this poll’s drafting, to ignore the issue of abortion, which, since Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death Friday will be among the top three issues of the fall campaign.

I find that more than a little strange since his opponent Loren Underwood is among Democratic politicians who take the extreme position of having no restrictions on abortion, which means favoring abortion up to the day of birth.

Let’s go through the questions:

  • Registered at this address? (What is strange about this question is that I do not live in Oberweis’ district, so the sample is suspect.)
  • Likelihood of voting.
  • Birth year.
  • Country on right track or not.
  • If election were held now, vote Republican or Democrat?
  • Favorability re Trump.
  • Favorability re Underwood.
  • Favorability re Nancy Pelosi.
  • Favorability re Oberweis.
  • Favorability re Joe Biden.
  • Favorability re AOC (full name used).
  • re Underwood, what like most
  • re Underwood, what like least
  • Interest in November election (from 1-10).
  • Top priority issue? Taxes and spending, national security, illegal immigration, race relations, Social Security/Medicare, violence and riots, coronavirus, jobs/economy, health care, corruption in Washington.
  • Choice for President/Vice President (names of candidates given for Democrats, Republicans, American Solidarity, Libertarian, Green, Socialist).
  • Vote for Congress – Underwood or Oberweis.
  • View Oberweis as liberal, moderate, conservative (if liberal or conservative, very or somewhat).
  • re protests, identify with protesters or police?

Next came push polling. Pretty long statements were read and respondents were asked if they agreed whether they were more likely, less likely or make no difference to vote for Underwood, then asked how strongly.

  • The first one was so complex I didn’t get it. Something about a bill Underwood voted for that would cause the “loss of” something, maybe jobs.
  • Allowing Democrats to vote without meeting in person.
  • Endorsing Biden’s “largest tax hike in history.”
  • Endorsing Green New Deal (with economic implications).
  • Liberal wish list support (including release of prisoners).
  • Government health care plan that would need doubling of income taxes to finance.
  • Something about payroll taxes.
  • Coronavirus money to illegals.
  • Accepted support of group favoring defunding the police.

Then, the question of who one favored for Congress was asked again.

Final questions asked:

  • Final grade completed in school?
  • Republican or Democrat, strength of support?
  • Conservative, liberal or moderate?
  • Latino connection, if any?
  • Race?
  • Plan to vote early, by mail or in person?


Oberweis Polls — 7 Comments

  1. I love phone surveys.

    I repeat the questions or reply with vulgarities.

    The surveyor never calls again. 😅đŸ¤Ŗ😂

  2. Moo boy plays it ‘cool’, but after Underwear wins, he’ll continue to drool.

  3. Little Eddie, you ARE a vulgarity.

    An embarrassment who professes to be a Christian would NEVER conduct
    himself the way you do. 💩

    Have you found out where Lake Geneva is yet? 😝

  4. DisHonestAbe1, you are the vulgarity, not me! ☚ī¸

    You should look at how you treat people and conduct yourself, instead of judging people.

    You aren’t very Christian. 🤔

    Lake Geneva is sat on by you.

  5. Landline ditched years ago!

    Just put my abode up for sale.

    Gotta go! Can’t take the Rinos and piglets like Franks, Kenneally and Althoff!

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