IL-06: First Head to Head Candidates Forum between Sean Casten and Jeanne Ives

Jeanne Ives
Sean Casten

League of Women Voters host first and possibly only public forum with candidates

On Monday night, multiple chapters of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Illinois hosted a virtual candidates forum for the 6th congressional district which included Congressman Sean Casten, Republican challenger Jeanne Ives and Libertarian candidate Bill Redpath.

The entire forum lasted just under an hour and a half.

The video replay of last night’s ZOOM candidates forum was posted this morning:

While Redpath’s appearance was allowed by LWV rules which require all candidates on the ballot to be invited to participate, this contest is between incumbent Casten and challenger Ives, as even Redpath himself admitted during the forum.

How do you think the candidates did? Who do you think won the forum between Casten and Ives? How would you grade the candidates? Please let us know in the comments, and please keep the comments for this article focused on the Monday night candidates forum. Thank you.

Here is the Daily Herald‘s write-up of last night for a reference.


IL-06: First Head to Head Candidates Forum between Sean Casten and Jeanne Ives — 9 Comments

  1. LWV: Biased Libtards funded by rats!:

    Billionaire liberal mega-donor George Soros is said to have given over $3 million to the League’s various entities through his two philanthropies, Open Society Institute (now the Open Society Foundations) and Foundation to Promote Open Society.

    Additionally the liberal Joyce Foundation, which once claimed future President Barack Obama as a board member, is noted to be the League’s largest benefactor since 1998, giving over $4.2 million to LWV-associated entities.

  2. If the League of Women Voters want a no discrimination democracy, why not a League of People Voters instead? 🤔😮🔔

  3. What a great idea, Little Eddie.

    Why don’t you put on your dress and deliver that suggestion to them yourself.

    Now is not the time to be shy, think positive – you can do it !

    Now get out there and take on the day ! 😊

  4. DisHonestAbe1, you are the one in the hot red dress trying to attract Aaron Schock. You sly dog! 😮🔔

  5. **This is alarming**

    What’s alarming about it?

    Florida Republicans are doing everything they can to keep a group of people from voting, so Dems are stepping up to help that group of people.

  6. I think Sean Casten almost won this debate.

    Although I don’t think he sincerely meant his quotes from Reagan and Lincoln, I think he used them to try and draw Conservative votes.

    His “fun fact” and other unchallenged statements concerning suicide were interesting and worthy of consideration

    My question is though, don’t people who cut their wrists and take an overdose of pills fall into the category of people using something to kill people as well?

    To me, Sean Casten is a perfect example of a CEO who must gain the respect of employees, he speaks very well, uses good hand gestures, acknowledges people as he begins to speak, however, at times he’s extremely insulting with his little “smirks”, and overall comes off as the smug celebrity style that turns so many of us off.

    One final thought on Sean Casten and universal healthcare – what he doesn’t get is that people simply can’t afford healthcare, whether it be through taxation or personal contribution.

    He is right about preventative clinics, we need people to use them.

    I thought the LWV gave him preferential treatment in this debate, and I felt as if somehow they were fawning over him.

    The Libertarian candidate Bill Redpath did an excellent job, presenting common sense approaches to change.

    Huge Kudos to him for even being in the race, he’s right, we’re all sick of having to pick the lesser of two evils.

    I’m going to give the debate to Jeanne Ives because she seemed to have a better perspective on the specific issues in our towns and cities of the 6th District, and she took the fight to Sean Casten.

    I loved her comeback about Barrack Obama having the same stance on gay marriage as she did in the past

    I liked her response on Casten’s remarks about “his greatest vote” on taxpayer funding of candidates, and that no Democrat has spoken out against defunding the police.

    I like the fact that she stresses fiscal responsibility and her observation that Federal funds for Illinois colleges gets gobbled up by salaries and pensions.

    At the end of the day, I got the distinct feeling that I could trust Jeanne Ives to sincerely work on our behalf, and that Sean Casten doesn’t care about winning this election, he’ll just take a spin in his sports car.

    We need to make Bill Redpath a Republican if we’re going to stick with a two party system.

  7. 2 party system is dead in Illinois. People like Wilcox, Ives and Skillicorn are few and far between.

    Kenneally type turds are GOP? Gimme a break.

    Reick is a conservative when he says the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to Citizens? WTF!

    Althoff says we aren’t taxed enough?

    These rats need to be chased out.

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