Conservative Group Denied Voter List Sues State Board of Elections

From the Illinois Conservative Union:

Lawsuit Filed – IL State Board of Elections in Violation of Federal Election Law

Carol Stream, IL – Illinois Conservative Union (ICU) together with Washington D.C.-based Judicial Watch announce that suit has been filed in regard to the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) violation of federal election law.

In August of 2019, the SBE refused to provide voter data as requested by ICU.

In November of 2019, ICU followed by sending the SBE a Notice of Violation.

The SBE did not respond, leaving this lawsuit pursuant to the NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) as the recourse, as Federal law has been flagrantly disregarded by the SBE.

The SBE refusal to provide voter data as requested is contrary to multiple court decisions around the country ruling that citizen rights to voter data under the NVRA cannot be infringed by state law.

“When crafting the NVRA, the intent of Congress was to enable the public to monitor the accuracy of our nation’s voter rolls,” said Carol Davis, Chairman, Illinois Conservative Union.

“By denying citizens access to the rolls, state election authorities are thwarting the intent of this legislation, specifically Section 8. Illinois has long been the target of jokes about our elections, such as ‘dead people voting’.

“Now is the time to verify the accuracy of Illinois voter rolls and put an end to our state’s embarrassing reputation regarding the lack of election integrity.”

Attorney David Shestokas added, “ICU’s original request, followed by the notice of violation to Executive Director Steve Sandvoss and the Board of Elections, advised SBE of the federal court orders ruling that the NVRA supersedes state law.

“The Board’s obligations are clear.

“Failing to comply results in a waste of taxpayer resources and has delayed ICU’s work on behalf of Illinois voters.”

Judicial Watch has a prominent national reputation and a successful record as advocates for election integrity. ICU is pleased and honored that Judicial Watch has come alongside to enhance ICU’s efforts to advocate for honest elections throughout the state of Illinois.


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  1. Hope they beat the crooked state board of rigged elections.

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