Donna Kurtz Explains Why She Is Backing Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman

From Crystal Laker Donna Kurtz:


CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Former McHenry County Board Member Donna Kurtz, who represented the 2nd District from 2010 until 2018, has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman. 

” Finding smart, dedicated, and honest public servants to elect is never easy,” said Kurtz.

“However, in this upcoming election for County Board Chairman voters have a no nonsense, thoughtful, honest, and compassionate leader in businessman Mike Buehler.” 

It was only in the last year or so of her tenure in office that Kurtz had to contend with current County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Franks was recently censured by the County Board for his approach to the budget and committee rules.

Kurtz, who was well respected for taking her responsibilities to heart during her time as a board member, could have been expected to support the board members who felt they needed to rein in Franks. 

She described Buehler as bringing a different approach to the role of County Board Chairman.  

“Mike is running for all the right reasons,” she said.

“He will serve the people of McHenry County with the respect and integrity that they deserve. That is why I am supporting Mike Buehler and I encourage you to do the same.”

Buehler has proven himself as a leader while running D&M Scales for 25 years with his twin brother, Tim. Buehler has indicated that he believes a leader needs to respect those he or she works with.

He promises a dramatically different dynamic when he takes over for Franks, a dynamic that is far-less confrontational and with a focus on the county’s business rather than cutthroat politics. 

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In February, Kurtz called out Franks during the public comment period at the County Board meeting:

Jack Franks Called Out for #MeToo Scrutiny by Former Board Member Donna Kurtz

Posted on  by Cal Skinner

Former McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz took the podium at Tuesday night’s Board meeting and here is what she said:

Public Comment by Donna Kurtz to the McHenry County Board

Former Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski

Though I have stepped away from public life I still love McHenry County, and I want it to continue to be a great place to live and work, raise a family, and to welcome diversity & inclusion for everyone.

However, it is difficult to have a healthy McHenry County when this County Board allows this Chairman to create an unhealthy environment fueled with threats and vindictiveness.

So, Board Members, why have you allowed the denigration of dedicated public servants such as

  • our past Coroner, and
  • our current Regional Superintendent of Education, and
  • our County Auditor?
Regional Superintendent of Education Leslie Schemerhorn

The harassment and attempts to humiliate them and undermine their service, by the Chairman, is both

  • reprehensible and
  • unparalleled

from my previous 8 years on the County Board.

The fact that these office holders, who have been bullied and vilified by this Chairman—are all women begs the question—

Could this be a pattern of behavior?

Auditor Shannon Teresi

That is something that should send a chill up everyone’s spine.

Martin Luther King said,

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

Specifically, it is sad that our women county board members have allowed fellow elected officials to be treated so deplorably.

You must realize your silence was powerfully translated as support for this thuggish behavior.

In a world that has thankfully embraced the ME TOO Movement, it is remarkable that women County Board Members, and our Democratic women in particular, have been so tone deaf on this harassment, and the specter of violence, fear, and anxiety that harassment can create in the

Now, it has become time for this Board to restore mutual respect, decorum, and valuing of diversity by taking back its power and authority from this Chairman.

The Springfield approach—giving a chairman absolute power—leads to a cesspool benefiting only the powerful and the rich, and not the people of our beloved McHenry County.

Board Members, it is not too late to step up your game.

Please undertake these steps without delay:

  1. Hold a Special Board Meeting.
  2. Get the Board Rules changed to empower the committees—as done previously.
  3. Then begin to do the real work of the people—which may include holding this Chairman accountable.


Donna Kurtz Explains Why She Is Backing Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman — 16 Comments

  1. I agree with Franks about Schermerhorn’s uselessness.

    That’s about all.

    Who cares what Kurtz has to say.

  2. You need to cite 3 different ones to get my backing, he might have had a point with them?

  3. I, as well as many others, care about what Donna Kurtz says.

    If Franks said “today is September 23rd I would have this information studied, researched, dissected, documented and signed by the Pope before I’d accept it as true.

    Look in the mirror, Franks; that’s uselessMESS.

  4. I had no use for Mama Kurtz, and just a tad more for what her darlin’ daughter has to say.

    Two wrongs (Kurtz & Franks) don’t make a right!

    Did Franks spurn her and that’s what this is all about?

  5. leave it to a real Woman to have to step up to the plate and be the one to point out the obvious! as with Wheeler Kudos’ to you both!….. now we wait… and wait…

  6. Donna HAS ALWAYS stood up to Franks. Called him out on a regular basis. All while the Dem members just sat there like lumps.
    Anyone who has attended county board members would know this. Even after she was not on the board, she went after him in public speaking.

  7. Yes, Kurtz fought the depredations of Franks, while so many of the mighty minds on the county board played tiddly winks.

  8. The County Board members are a disgrace and enable Franks.

    The biggest Franks enabler is Sweet Onion Idiot John Jung, a funky dude who makes deals with the devil behind everybody’s back.

    Jung says the border wall is unnecessary. He wouldn’t support a county 2nd Amendment sanctuary measure.

    He’s just as sad, or even worse, than Acosta and Wagner.

  9. Why is Acosta still a County Board member?

    Need to flood his phone and email with resignation demands.

    Need to do same and demand or pose questions to the agency handling the sexual misconduct case involving Franks.

    Are the women of McHenry County safe in our County buildings?

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