IL-Sen/IL-06/IL-14: President to Issue Born-Alive Abortion Surivors Executive Order

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President reverses the Democrats in both House and Senate for blocking action

Late Wednesday morning, President Trump introduced, through a pre-recorded virtual announcement before the National Catholics Prayer Breakfast, he would sign an Executive Order protecting the lives of born-alive abortion survivors:

While the Executive Order’s contents have not yet been made public, it is expected to follow closely to the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, S. 311 which Senate Democrats, including Illinois’ Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth successfully filibustered by a 56-41 vote in late February.

Three days later, House Republicans, through a Motion-to-Recommit (MTR) to H.R. 2339 Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act, attempted to apply S. 311 language as a final amendment to the House bill. The House Democrats successfully defeated the MTR. As published on McHenry County Blog, then-14th district candidate Jerry Evans issued a blistering response to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s “Nay” vote. Congressman Sean Casten also voted against the MTR.

In Illinois, state legislation strengthening the IL Born-Alive protection was voted down after the turn of the century including then State Senator Barack Obama, including a present vote in 2001, a “No” vote in 2002 and in 2003, the bill died in committee.


IL-Sen/IL-06/IL-14: President to Issue Born-Alive Abortion Surivors Executive Order — 19 Comments

  1. This is a civil rights issue of the infant not a ‘woman’s abortion right issue.

  2. This is not a medical issue or a women’s rights issue.

    Abortion is not “reproductive health” or anything like that.

    It is the killing of an innocent child because it would be inconvenient for the mother to have the baby.

    There is no other way to look at it.

    Good for Trump.

    Ignore the crazy left wing media and do what is right.

  3. Yet another WIN for POTUS – and another LOSS for the DEMONCRATS.

  4. That sign is blasphemous.

    Remember what the Bible says about false idols.

    I wonder how many abortions Trump has paid for.

  5. I wonder how many abortions bountygate has had or paid for.

    I would not be surprised if it were more than a few.

  6. Hasso, he probably waited until Congress had a go with it. Theirs was the appropriate venue to create law.

    His EO does not create law, it creates Policy as to how the Executive Departments act going forward on this issue.

    As with all the EO’s Obama signed, and that Trump rescinded, so the same can happen to Trump’s Orders as well.


  7. I don’t see the blasphemy.

    Some felt placing “In God We Trust” on currency, i.e., God on money; was blasphemy.

    I’d say that’s a better bet.

    Christians don’t generally view money reverentially.

    Except maybe the mega-churches.


  8. I salute that sign everytime I go by it–especially on my way to ON Target gun range, to keep shooting skills sharp..even in an ammo shortage period as we are in now, can always find a few rounds here and there as needed.

    Never cut in to the self defense home stash though.

    Lord knows whats coming our way and always best to have food and ammo stored.

  9. Chase, I’ve never had an abortion, but thanks for asking.

    Maybe you, again, should ask Trump this question.

    He pressured his second wife to get one when she got pregnant with their daughter.

  10. I would be ok with some abortions….

    . the retroactive kind, for sickos like Alabama!

  11. Oh look – once again, I’m not even present in a thread but y’all want to talk about me.

    I love living in your heads.

  12. Would Underwood and Casten (as a “pregnant” man) have abortions? 🤔😮❓❗

  13. Would Casten be OK if his mother had decided to abort him?

    He should be required to answer that.

  14. It would be interesting to see Durbin, Duckworth and Shawn Casten publicly pronounce that they would support their mothers’ choice to have an abortion and not have them born. According to Shawn, it would have been no big deal. Just like removing a diseased gall bladder.

  15. i would not be surprised if it Bountygate paid for more than a few abortions.

    It seems like she’s going overly obsessed with projecting abortions on to others.

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