Free Coronavirus Testing in McHenry

From the McHenry County Health Department:

Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing

Testing is open to all and no appointment is needed. Anyone interested can get tested whether they have symptoms or not. There is no cost for the test.

Anyone who has insurance is asked to bring their card.

A simple nasal swab will be used, and you will be called with results within 4 to 7 days.

For additional information about what to expect during your test, visit our Access to Healthcare page


Free Coronavirus Testing in McHenry — 16 Comments

  1. Why is the notice in Spanish? The illegals won’t show up for this stupid exercise.

    Why would anybody with an ounce of common sense?

    Make sure you bring your IDs for the data base!

  2. This is a DNA based test, error prone & worthless.

    Ask yourself, why is it free?

  3. Wow, I’d like to know who the fools who fall for this are. Vijuk?

  4. Duncan Hines = Cindy

    Apparently, multiple personality disorder is running rampant these days.

  5. Dala tell us how the testing went.

    See if you can break 75 on an IQ test, too.

  6. Ms Trumpion you think you know everything and really you are just dumb!

    So stop parading around like an intellect, when you are really just a retard.

    Stop morphing into so many people. Clearly, you don’t know who you are and you think you know who everyone else is.

    Now, thats just a real sign of stupidity!

    You wouldn’t have access to my IQ score.

    Though, 79 is, apparently, your IQ score!

    So, you can take your arrogance and swallow it right down that big fat wind pipe of yours!

  7. DALA? Your paranoia is showing volumes.

    Why are you always trying to pin some crime on others?

    Relax and quit reading those mystery novels.

    Miss Marple you are not!

  8. Cindy, I don’t read mystery novels.

    The only paranoid one, is you, trying to tell everyone the Government is out to get them…lol

    Please inform your multiple personalities!

  9. The cabal of Satan IS out to get you. Repent now or be lost by the new world order you are under. Instead of concerning yourself with silly nonsense and trying to label other people, fight for your soul!

  10. DALA? I have had the very same name AND personality for over seven decades. You are just showing your pathology to all the readers here. You aren’t just dumb, you are sick. I can’t help you.

  11. Cindy, go talk to one of your multiple personalities. They might be able to help the sick deranged Cindy.

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