IL-14/IL-Sen Full Capsule Video of Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25

Kyle Rittenhouse

As tomorrow’s Lake County court appearance looms and first of many civil lawsuits filed, Fightback Foundation releases detailed video of Kenosha

Tomorrow (9/25) at 9AM in Lake County Court, Kyle Rittenhouse’s next court appearance is scheduled where the arguments for extradition of the Antioch resident will be heard. Rittenhouse’s case can be tracked under case # 20MR00000513 at the Lake County Circuit Court clerk’s website

In Illinois, Rittenhouse is being held at the Lake County Juvenile Center in Vernon Hills under charge of Fugitive from Justice, but has been charged by the Kenosha County prosecutor with multiple charges.

The Fightback Foundation is collecting funds to pay for Rittenhouse’s defense, and issued a very detailed video collection from Kenosha on the night of August 25.

It’s worth viewing in its entirety and is a little over 11 minutes in length and has enhanced the initial response from Rittenhouse’s attorney, published on McHenry County Blog on August 31:

This past week, the first of what will likely be many civil lawsuits stemming from Kenosha the night of August 25 was filed on Tuesday in federal court. While the main defendant and the target is Facebook, Kyle Rittenhouse was named a co-defendant.

Lin Wood of the Fightback Foundation and one of many attorneys involved with Rittenhouse’s defense issued the following statement in response of the federal lawsuit:

“As to Kyle Rittenhouse, this lawsuit is errant nonsense but may provide a golden opportunity for obtaining documents and sworn testimony from Facebook to bolster Kyle’s future defamation case against Facebook for falsely accusing him of mass murder.

“Thus, I view the lawsuit as a blessing in disguise.”

Lin Wood, in statement to ABC News 9/23/20


Lauren Underwood

COMMENTARY: While the Rittenhouse video speaks for itself and the legal protocols must go forward at their own speed, one cannot look at the inflammatory statements 14th district Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, who not only represents most of McHenry County but also Kyle Rittenhouse himself in Congress, that has added, not diffused the tensions concerning the events of the night of August 25.

From Underwood’s own statement she issued on August 27:

“That a 17-year-old from our community would have an assault weapon, travel to Kenosha, and allegedly commit grave violence toward protesters is an unspeakably horrific symptom of the toxic hate and division that permeate our country right now. This instance is painfully close to home, and it is not reflective of the values we hold dear in northern Illinois: that weapons of war, racism, and hate have no place in our communities, and we should never seek to solve problems through violence. 

“We must have a complete and transparent investigation into Tuesday night’s events and justice must be served. In the meantime, I hold Jacob Blake and the victims of last night’s shooting in my heart and I am as committed as ever before to working to heal our divided country, prevent gun violence, and push the Senate to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

Lauren Underwood, 8/27/20, with emphasis added


While on August 27th, it was still unclear where Rittenhouse obtained his weapon or that he was already in Kenosha working and doing volunteer community work, Underwood’s compassion was not extended to ALL of the victims of the violence in Kenosha, the businesses that were set on fire by extremist elements, or the fact NO ONE should have been on the streets of Kenosha after the 8PM curfew.

To date, Underwood has not condemned the violence at the same level Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have, that anyone committing violence/looting should be prosecuted. Her statement last month was half-hearted saying people should never seek to resolve problems through violence, but stops short at saying the violence must stop and anyone, regardless of their political beliefs, involved with rioting, looting, destruction of property or any other violence should be prosecuted like Biden and Pelosi did.

And then she brings up the partisan H.R. 7120, the Justice in Policing Act, which passed on a partisan vote back on June 25 in the House with 3 Republicans voting with Democrats, and Underwood has the audacity to call the legislation “bipartisan”. McHenry County Blog article, including how Senate Democrats filibustered the common sense legislation of Senator Tim Scott (R, SC) can be found here.

But last Thursday at House Homeland Security Committee, she expanded her narrative to pursue “white supremacists” and “militias” while not targeting extremist elements of Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA. McHenry County Blog wrote about Underwood at last week’s congressional committee meeting here.

Jim Oberweis

Contrast Underwood’s initial statement on August 27 with Republican challenger Jim Oberweis on the same day:

“I am deeply saddened by the violence we are seeing not just in Kenosha but in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and other communities across the country.

“We should look at ways to improve and reform police policies and procedures and make sure we are doing everything possible as a society to ensure the safety and dignity of our citizens.

“I stand ready to be a part of positive solutions as a member of Congress, but the violence, rioting and looting we are seeing is hurting not helping these efforts.

“What we are seeing in Kenosha is people who do not even live there coming into that community for the express purpose of destroying property and hurting people.

“The answer to the issues in Kenosha is not more violence

“State and local officials need to stop allowing their partisan hatred to excuse their inaction and indecision and formally accept the federal aid that has been offered.

“The longer the violence is allowed to continue unchecked – the greater likelihood there is of more situations such as the one involving the teenager from Antioch.

“The teen from Antioch should have never been in Kenosha in the first place.

“His recklessness has led directly to the deaths of two people.

“It is time for the leaders in Kenosha and in the Wisconsin state government to get control of the streets and end the violence.

“They are the adults in this situation, and they should start acting like it.”

Jim Oberweis statement, 8/27/20.


Oberweis clearly includes all, including Kyle Rittenhouse, as part of the violence, and the “partisan hatred”, while directed at state and local officials, could easily be cast at Underwood and Democrats in Congress who would not work with Republicans to pass meaningful police reforms.

And since his statement, Oberweis has consistently spoken out against violence, including vigilantism at forums and interviews with newspaper editorial boards.

With Friday morning’s court appearance for Rittenhouse, voters all over must choose at the local level, including members of Congress, who will represent the entire district or state, and solve the problem, not score partisan political points.

And last night in Louisville, two police officers were shot because of more violence at an event that was in no way a “peaceful protest’.


IL-14/IL-Sen Full Capsule Video of Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25 — 21 Comments

  1. Ms Underwood highly misinformed, and confused, and biased, etc, etc.

    She should be defeated in this November’s election.

    Trust NO Democrat.

    Never vote for a Democrat.

    They are liars, incompetent, reckless as evidenced by the Barak Hussein Obama Administration including Joe Biden and the reckless and evil top Congress leadership Schumer and Pelosi.

  2. Soiled Underpants is the real toxic hate.

    Did Biden ever dare to smell her foul hair?

  3. There is a TON of lesser-known footage in that video.

    Lots of evidence to prove that those who have made false claims about him are still just liars as always.

    This goes for the mainsteam media as well as the majority of limp-wristed liberals who want to stop those who would defend themselves or private property.

  4. **Underwood and Democrats in Congress who would not work with Republicans to pass meaningful police reforms.**


  5. Congressperson Underwood’s 14th Congressional District is mostly White, her residence in Naperville is mostly White, but she wants to defund police. ☹️

  6. Shame too on the YMCA–who sent out a note to all members in Northern Illinois, like two days after the incident that, Kyle is no longer an employee of the Y, was on furlough when this incident happened and has now been terminated…

    he was a Lifeguard at a YMCA.

    In Lake County I presume, though they sent the message to all Y members from Northern Il—

    all proud they “took care of racism within their ranks and will continue to train and hire with anti racism in mind”…..

    Hey YMCA, watch the 11 minute video.

    Intolerant jerks…put them on the “to be sued list” Attorney Lin Wood.

    Kyle will end up like Sandman, a gazzilionaire and Hero.

  7. Kyle is 17.

    If you’re a 17 year old and NOT prone to passions then you’re dead.

    The problem is we now live in a society where nut bars argue violent groups of goofs burning and looting private property are somehow “protesting”.

    Then we have “leaders” whining about how they hold pedophiles, arsonists, thieves and anarchists “in their heart”.

    Pay attention.

    A well raised community oriented passionate 17 YO showed up to defend life and property in a very destructive environment while the rest of the country stayed home.

    Including the police.

    And the politicians hold the destructive law breaking felons in higher esteem.

    That’s where we are in our country today.

    How do we bridge a philosophic gulf where one group called “Democrats” roots for death, mayhem, human trafficking, drug addiction, infanticide, economic destruction, national suicide, home grown terrorists, religious persecution, etc… as matters of policy?

    Only the fantastically ignorant, wildly stupid and insane would follow the Democrats.

    They are death itself.

    So Republicans must offer a contrast to this anti American anti societal insanity, right?

    Roe v Wade is a court decision easily decided by Legislating actual Law in Congress.

    Did Republicans legislate anything to curb the infanticidal fantasies of Democrats like the Virginia governor?


    Did Republicans step up with a Congressional majority to make health care a true open marketplace across state and national borders?


    Are Republicans creating Law which will protect children from the predations of an out of control governmental bureaucracy?


    Are Republicans instituting Law to curb the open sedition in our schools, universities and media?


    Are Republicans working to reopen a very broken economy done so on purpose by sociopaths for the express reason it controls the sheep and keeps them compliant?


    Politicians aren’t your friends.

    They are the enemy.

    The People are generally decent middle of the road folks and aren’t wacko right or wacko left.

    It’s politicians who gain from dividing you and telling you they’re going to crush a 17 YO for defending life and property from their minion wackos so don’t YOU get out of line and think you can defend yourself or your neighbors from their machinations.

    Kyle is a Hero of our Republic.

    He will be fine with some support.

    Politicians are all getting rich on his blood.

    You don’t have to go out and shoot a pedophile in Kenosha.

    You just need to begin critically thinking and start holding the local wanna be leaders accountable.

    Start with voting out misogynist abuser Jack, who is openly thieving from the public coffers by taking your hard earned money and using it for hiring friends and sending out political pieces.

    If you can’t muster the intestinal fortitude to work for that end and vote then don’t you worry your little head about joining Kyle in defending your community.

    You’re not 1/100 the Citizen he is and he’s not even 18.

  8. I’m sure nobody gives a **** but in the US we are SUPPOSED to have voting by secret ballot.

    Go to the polls they can (and have every right) to know IF you voted, but not who you voted for.

    How is it a secret ballot when your name, your address and who you voted for is all in the same envelope

    And don’t give me this two envelopes crap- that’s getting rolled back in a bunch of places including IL.

    Your name and everyone you voted for is all in/on the same envelope.

    How is this legal?

    That’s a rhetorical question.

  9. This racist crime was not even mentioned by Lester Holt,Norah O’Donnell or ABC”s idiot–Muir.

    They never report black crime–only those rare White crimes that they need to push the agenda–that blacks are perpetual victims of Whitey.

    Even though blacks kill blacks 854x more than Whites kill blacks.

    Black on white crimes is 705x more likely than white on black!

  10. Good point, Geal.

    In the “Old Days”, as a Poll Judge in suburban Cook, absentee ballots for our precinct’s voters arrived during the day, from the Village Clerk, the County Clerk, AND the military ballots (a separate delivering entity I can’t recall).

    They were processed as if appearing In person, with the blind envelope system, and their ballots were counted then and there at the end of the evening. Over and done.

    Don’t know how all this early voting and offsite tabulating goes.

    I’m guessing in the here and now, without a blind ballot envelope system, that somewhere, somehow, you’re tacitly agreeing to forego a truly secret ballot by utilizing this option?


  11. The only thing that Kyle did wrong is prove that people can and will fight back

    The crooked politicians have proven this year that it’s all about control and making you submit.

    They will be damned if Kyle gets off the hook, because it sets a bad precedent if you defend your community against tyranny where the police and government have failed.

    You should be happy that you’re forced to submit, forced into poverty and dependence upon the welfare state, forced to compliance with the things that the media wants you to believe.

    That keeps you docile, dumb, and easy to control.

    But at least you’ve got your government pot dispensaries and welfare checks to reply upon.

    Now give up your guns and shut down your private business!

  12. The Eleven minute video concerning Rittenhouse should be required viewing for all politicians spouting off about the violence in Kenosha. It should be required viewing by all news media persons.

    Lauren Underwood is so confused and biased. She must be defeated in November.

    Most media, including many top radio and tv stations in Chicago, continue their incomplete coverage of riots and looting and police incidents. They are part of the problem and add fuel to the fire by what they say, and more importantly, what they don’t cover and report.

    An example of not fully reporting the facts was today’s coverage by WGN-TV of the Rittenhouse matter on their 11 AM newscast. They show a very short video clip of Jacob Blake disobeying police orders to be arrested after being tased and walking away from them and opening his driver’s side car door and a police officer pulling on his shirt.

    WGN-TV did not state that Blake had a warrant for his arrest from July, based on charges of third-degree sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse and that the responding police officers had this knowledge. WGN-TV did not state that Blake resisted arrest and that he was tased. WGN-TV did not state that Blake was reaching for a knife on the floor of his car by the driver’s seat when a police officer shot him.

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