Secretary of State’s Vote by Mail Encouragement Piece Cost over $2.2 Million, Second Letter to Be Mailed in Mid-October

From Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s office:

This email is to acknowledge the receipt of and to respond to your FOIA request dated September 17, 2020.  Your request is granted.  The contract and email communications are attached.  The Secretary of  State Department of Budget and Fiscal Management advises me of the following:

1.  There is no breakdown available by zip code.  The information was transmitted electronically by the Board of Elections to the Secretary of State who then forwarded the information to the vendor;

2.  5,357,179 notices were send advising people they had not yet requested a mail-in ballot; and

3.  The estimated cost is:  $30,000 for sorting, and $183,477.25 based on the base fee of $0.39 per piece.  The Department also advises that there were some categories (i.e. foreign, invalid, etc.) that added an additional fee on top of the negotiated postage rate.

4.  The final postage as of 9/21/2020 was $2,078,668.

The mailing can be seen below:

And, guess what?

A similar letter will go out in mid-October.


Secretary of State’s Vote by Mail Encouragement Piece Cost over $2.2 Million, Second Letter to Be Mailed in Mid-October — 29 Comments

  1. It’s a waste of time and money for Jesse White to send generic form letters, about elections he isn’t involved with. In Illinois’ 102 counties, the county clerk or city board of elections will assist voters, not the secretary of state. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. Yes why is Jessie White doing this?

    Is he required to do so by any laws or is he just deciding to spend millions of dollars on his own?

    I agree with Eddie, if we were to do something like this, county clerks should be the ones doing it.

  3. It’s criminal and it’s thievery. Meanwhile, the younger generations are burning down businesses and police. Upside down world for them. They are protesting the WRONG people. All people in government are getting in line for the Lake of Fire. Deservedly so.

  4. You have a point Cindy.

    All these people protesting again the “system” are actually doing the bidding of those who run the system.

    If people actually want change they would support Trump.

    He is the only one who is not a politician and he is actually doing things that will make our country better for EVERYONE who lives here.

    If every major corporation in the world is supporting your protest cause, you are not fighting the system, you are a cog in the machine.

  5. If this chithole has this kind of $$ to throw down the drain with pressure, then i want OUR PAYROLL TAXES REDUCED TO WHAT THEY USED TO BE!


    they are pulling all for VOTES !

    and they can lower our property taxes as well its TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK NO MORE SPENDING / WASTE WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH !

  6. Here is another one for ya, when you go to get your D/L renewed the 2minutes it took you to get your pic taken and handed your new D/L now you have to wait for it in the MAIL !






    Again the chance / opportunity for FRAUD to happen…. thru MAIL !!!

    when does it end!

  7. This just causes a lot of confusion and calls to clerks offices wasting their time when it is so busy.

    I that this is just a political stunt to create more chaos

  8. People like Jesse are mere frontmen for a diabolical system.

    A coercive, fraudulent system which must be smashed.

  9. Jumpin’ Jesse White, the long time DEMOCRAT political hack, is acting on behalf of his corrupt DRMOCRAT brethren who
    are actively working to steal/rig the upcoming elections any way they can,
    overtly covertly or more likely both.

  10. The signs really began to become visible at the end of January, 2020; there was an exodus of people brewing, and it was galvanizing fears on both sides of the political spectrum.

    The pandemic situation is cited by the mainstream media as the primary cause, but in reality the migration had started at least 3 years earlier.

    Americans were leaving certain states and cities behind by the tens of thousands, and these places were predominantly leftist in their policies and population.

    California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.; all of these progressive states were bleeding residents since 2017, the pandemic just accelerated the situation.

  11. Make sure you vote NO for that tax these thieves want to promote.

    Jessie has to go, plates are through the roof because of useless mailings like these.

    I have received no less than $20 in mailing in the last two counties I have lived in.

    I think they want me to vote twice?

  12. Let’s contact Jesse White’s office! โ—๐Ÿ””โœ”๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

  13. Weโ€™ve already covered this here.

    But, once again, Jesse White is doing this because state law says he has to.

  14. Hey Jesse…I had to renew my drivers license last week.

    The line went out the door and across the front of four other businesses.

    Then I have to get a star on my license to prove my identity because of all the illegals you’ve been accommodating.

    It took three hours.

    Why don’t you work on improving that?

    The way I go about voting is none of your damn business, and after seeing the bureaucratic mess you have created, I wouldn’t trust my vote with you anyway.

  15. As the a Secretary of State, Jessie White certifies the vote totals for the State, so the office does have some franchise for voting rah-rah.

    Toilet Bowl, you get your licenses mailed to you as a security measure, as part of the Real ID Act. These idโ€™s are only made at one or few secure locations.

    The Real ID Act was passed with near-unanimity by Republicans, with only a smattering of Democrat support.

    My own impressions of Whiteโ€™s performance is positive. Compared to the performance of Jim Edgar and particularly George Ryan, I think the operations improved substantially under his watch, rather than using it as a stepping stone.


  16. Having been mentored by George Dunne, a short time comitteeperson and a longtime state representative (1975-1991), Jesse White could have said no. ๐Ÿ˜

    Jesse has his hands full with organ donors, drivers’ licenses and libraries. ๐Ÿ˜

    He can’t (and shouldn’t) handle motor voter and mail voting reminders. We already n Illinois State Board of Elections. ๐Ÿ˜

    Illinois has county clerks, 5 city board of elections and statewide deputy registrars. For a 102 county state, becoming a registered voter is easy. ๐Ÿ˜

  17. Back in the day, working in the Loop, I used to see Dunne walking to work as County Board President all the time, usually accompanied by John Daley and often, Bernard Carey.

    Saw Vrydoliak a lot, and Jim Thompson was always in at a barber on Ohio St.

    There was a time when all these guys were just out and walking around.

    No limos or protective detail.


  18. Check Jesse for shoeboxes…he’s been in office far too long, and when that happens, shoe boxes full of cash tend to get found upon their passing.

    He’s too cozy with the wrong people–ask him about the “junkets’ he used to take with former Rep Luis Guitterez to Aruba…

    what was that all about Jess?

    Ask him about the person who just got fired and indicted who was head of the “truck licensing” department and how he set up a process that had all approvals and checks/cash coming, not through others for review, but directly and only to him–

    how did that happen in your Administration?

    Thats as bad as when Paul “shoebox” Powell used to require all checks to the SEcy of State Office be made out, not to the office, but to “Paul Powell”…

    same kind of thing in Whites administration.

    And we are to trust this guy with anything to do with the vote by mail fraud bit?

    Go away and fix the DMV old man.

  19. @Bamashake, was his mailings the law in the last several years? This was the first time I have been hounded like this and it’s my 4th Pandemic. Never even got a birthday card from him.

  20. Jesse is a foul rat. Franks took him on a Canadian junket.

    Franks must get his (bat) wings clipped.

  21. **@Bamashake, was his mailings the law in the last several years? This was the first time I have been hounded like this and itโ€™s my 4th Pandemic

    Never even got a birthday card from him.**

    No, it was a new law passed this year.

  22. Senate Bill 1863 (SB 1863) was signed into law on June 16, 2020 as Public Act 101-0642 (PA 101-0642) by Democrat Governor JB Pritzker.

    Here is the bill status:

    Here is the text of the law:

    Here is the pamphlet explaining the proposed state income tax constitutional amendment, which would allow the General Assembly to create various income tax rates for various income brackets, as opposed to the current flat rate that applies to all incomes.

  23. Does Jesse suffer from coprophilia?

    Can Mayo be of help?

    Coprophilia can be said to be liking the smell, taste, or feel of feces in a sexual way. โ€ฆ Eating feces is also known as coprophagia. This is bad for oneโ€™s body. A person who eats feces is at risk of getting sick through hepatitis, infection, and AIDS.

  24. It is a way for him to spend money that Illinois does not have.

    If Pritzker can go out and protest shoulder to shoulder and he can keep the primary when he did –you can go vote in person.

  25. Hey Thar MM let me tell you something you may not be aware of!

    I don’t want my personal info in any mailings got it, i once tried to purchase a renewal sticker on line and it was STOLEN RIGHT OUT OF MY MAILBOX!!!

    Get it!!!

    the chance i don’t want to take leave the system alone you thieves..

    if it ain’t broke don’t touch it!!!

    i had to go and stand in line for 2 hours waiting to get a reimbursement sticker โ€ฆ

    do you now how upsetting this is do you?

    cause if you did you would not be telling me what your telling me…

    so my guess you don’t get it….

    ! da I’m not a SHEEP!!!

  26. Shame on the dumb RINOs like Tirio. Democrats are mailing in absentee applications, but before they get them they vote in person!

    Then they vote by mail!


    How nice. No mechanism in place to catch these double votes!

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