IL-14: Lauren Underwood Named Subcommittee Chair on House Homeland Security Committee

Lauren Underwood

Underwood will chair the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, & Innovation

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was named the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, & Innovation on the House Homeland Security Committee, replacing Congressman Cedric Richmond (D, LA-02) who was reassigned from Homeland Security. The announcement was made by Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson (D, MS-02).

The Homeland Security Committee has a total of 31 members. As the Subcommittee chair, Underwood leads 9 of the members on one of the six subcommittees of Homeland Security.

The Subcommittee’s 9 members includes 5 Democrats and 4 Republicans, with Congressman John Katko (R, NY-24) the Subcommittee’s ranking member.

From Congresswoman Underwood’s press release:

“Our nation faces homeland security threats that endanger not only the lives of Americans, but the foundation of the democracy we hold dear. As Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovation, I look forward to advancing legislation that makes us safer—whether that means securing our elections against foreign interference and cyberattacks, or protecting our schools and houses of worship from targeted violence—and conducting oversight of the Administration to ensure the job gets done.”

Lauren Underwood, 9/25/20


Homeland Security Chairman Thompson added:

“It is my incredible honor to have Congresswoman Underwood serve as Chair of the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovation. She has served admirably as the Vice Chair of the Committee and I know she is ready to confront the multifaceted issues facing our nation. I look forward to continuing our work together to secure our elections, protect our homeland, and conduct critical oversight of this Administration.”

Bennie Thompson, 9/25/20


Underwood will continue to serve as vice chairwoman of the full Homeland Security Committee.

OBSERVATION: While there was a rotation of members in late summer into and out of the Homeland Security Committee, this is a genuine “promotion” for Underwood. While her role as vice chairwoman of the entire committee was seen as ceremonial, chairing a subcommittee is more substantial.

John Katko

Underwood is set up for success given the ranking member, John Katko, is someone whom Underwood has worked with before on legislation, particularly, H.R. 3526, the Counter Terrorist Network Act which passed the full House by voice vote nearly a year ago, and awaiting action in the Senate.

While Underwood’s elevation to a subcommittee chair was out of necessity, one cannot see the timing, within 40 days of the November election, to coincide with Underwood’s reelection campaign as well as prepare her for the usually vigorous Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement interview.

Underwood, along with Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small (D, NM-02) and Congressman Max Rose (D, NY-11), is one of three first term committee members elevated to chair a subcommittee. Both Torres Small and Rose face tough fights for reelection, and this promotion would betray the contest between Underwood and Republican Jim Oberweis is not settled, either.

Put another way, the 14th congressional district race is closer than one might think. It’s not uncommon to put freshmen lawmakers into subcommittee chairmanships to help pad an incumbent’s resume’.

While the results of the election will determine Underwood’s continued service in this new role, both her winning reelection and/or the Democrats maintaining control of the House, congratulations are in order for Underwood for being named to a position of leadership with substance as a subcommittee chair.

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IL-14: Lauren Underwood Named Subcommittee Chair on House Homeland Security Committee — 15 Comments

  1. A left wing socialist loon protecting us from cyber attacks, sounds like a plan.

  2. Not unexpected from a U.S. House controlled by the wretched Pelosi. Look at some of the Democrat fools in the House. Adam Shi**, Jerry Nadler and Hank Johnson who thinks that the Island of Guam will tip over and capsize into the ocean if more US assets are placed there.

    Things will go to he** very quickly next January if doofus dementia buffoon mummy Joe Biden and his vp are elected and the Senate is overtaken by the Democrats.

  3. By far the dumbest. Why does she hate men?

    And white men in particular?

    I think I know the answers.

  4. Won’t matter, hope she enjoys it for the few months she has left.

    Trump and the backlash against all the craziness is going to carry Oberweis across the finish line.

  5. Sounds just like Hunter Biden! No experience just like her nursing degree!

  6. Underwood is a sweetie.

    She’s a friend of Dorothy, as they used to say.

    She is also a hater of Western Civilization, without which she would be in West Africa pounding weeds for a crude flour.

  7. Look at Underwood’s staffers…..or should I write handlers.

    A certain ethnic persuasion is grossly over represented.

  8. Say hello to your new Party Boss!

    If Oberweis doesn’t get elected, this woman will be in our faces representing the “purest” of government morality.

    She called Jim Oberweis “racist” for backing Border Security, so I guess no security at the Southern Border takes it out of the equation with her “overseeing” matters.

    That little touch about ‘keeping our churches safe’ is a definite ploy at the Conservatives in the 14th District, even though what she really means is keeping bigots like myself who believe only God can validate a marriage between two people out of Christian churches.

    There has to be a huge think tank behind this woman, and I’m praying daily that God will help us keep Marxist darling from being re-elected.

  9. I’m a CS Major and I just see no credentials that she has that would imply she has any of the prerequisite knowledge required to run a committee of cybersecurity.

    It’s not a simple field with simple answers, especially to someone with no background in computer science.

    Why is she the chair??

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