IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Extradition While Fightback Raises Funds for Bail

Kyle Rittenhouse

“Criminal defense team believes Kyle is safest in Illinois facility for now. He is a strong young man.

Lin Wood of Fightback Foundation, 9/25/20

This morning’s Lake County court appearance of Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse to decide extradition revealed Rittenhouse’s legal team will fight extradition.

The case was continued to October 9, with all pleadings due to the the court by October 8. Decision on Extradition could be made at that time. Rittenhouse stays in Illinois in custody at the Lake County Juvenile Center in Vernon Hills.

Saturday Chicago Tribune coverage.

At 11:12AM CDT, attorney Lin Wood of Fightback Foundation tweeted the following:

According to NBC Chicago, lead attorney John Pierce told the court the extradition would be challenged and requested a laptop computer be allowed to be taken to Rittenhouse while he is remanded to the Vernon Hills juvenile facility. The judge set the date for two weeks from today (October 9) and asked the computer request to be submitted in a written motion.

Attorney Pierce and Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, were at a Waukesha County (WI) Republican event last night and Michelle Malkin tweeted the following pic of Rittenhouse and Pierce, who, according to Malkin, received a standing ovation at the event:

Wendy Rittenhouse and John Pierce, 9/24/20

According to Fightback’s website, over $2.1 million has been raised for Rittenhouse’s defense with a goal of $5 million. Whether the $2.1 million is solely through Fightback or a combination of grassroots fundraising efforts is unclear.

Those interested in donating to Rittenhouse’s defense through Fightback can do so here.

Previous McHenry County Blog coverage, including the video Fightback Foundation released Wednesday, can be viewed here.


IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Extradition While Fightback Raises Funds for Bail — 23 Comments

  1. Some of the comments from the limp-wristed liberals in the Malkin post show just how they think; Guilty until proven innocent.

    They refuse to look at evidence and refuse to give him a fair trial.

    They would love to just lock him up for good simply for retaliating against them: “He’s a murderer!” and “You people are sick!” seem to be parroted over and over again.

    He’s not been convicted of anything at this point, and more evidence than ever is proving that he was acting in self defense and that there were additional shooters involved.

    They are incapable of letting the investigation and court system work instead of jumping to conclusions, and would prefer to just send in the lynch mob.

  2. Some Guy, given all you have said, and given Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s statements to Kenosha in the past two weeks, I’m becoming more and more convinced the 17 year old IL-14 resident could be a wildcard in the election.

    More things are emerging about this case, too.

  3. Cheesehead residents of Wisconsin have now become the essence of what they call all of us here in Illinois; “FIBs”…for electing a weak Governor, acquiescing to mobs and DA’s that go soft on any and all rioters and looters.

    We may be FIBs down here, but so too are all of you up there for creating another Illinois–keep the kid in Lake County Juvie–he’s safer there than in the hands of the mobs up north that would find a way to get to him in their Jails.

    So glad there is some semblance of sense left up north with the holding of this Republican event last night for Waukesha County.

    Keep that kid here until a Fair trial can be had or he’s released on new evidence—the 11 minute Lin Wood video should be required viewing.

  4. I donated right away to Kyle’s defense fund.

    I continue to be shocked by the people who can’t see through to what really happened.

    I don’t go out of the house unarmed.

    I hope I never have to draw and shoot, but I am not going to be stomped by a mob.

  5. Kyle should be supported.

    No doubt.

    Clearly, he’s a nice young guy with a moral compass.

  6. Apparently just before the hearing, Jumbo King of Burgers Pritzker had Federal Expressed his own approval for Kyle to be Extradited to his fellow Dem Governors, State of Wisconsin…stay out of it fatty—you can only make things worse.

    Hopefully Lake County DA, Nerheim another a Republican aint on Fatty’s side in this…dont lay down for fatty here Mike.

    I know its a judges decision but put up some obstacles to buy time.

  7. Underwood comments on Kenosha, but not the killing fields of the Illinois’ 1st, 2nd and 7th Congressional Districts.

  8. Underwood HATES Whitey and makes no effort to hide her racism.

    It really is just that blatant.

  9. Underwood is a sick individual, who wants to castrate White men if she could get away with it.

  10. What of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of rioters and arsonists and looters that ravaged Kenosha? What about them? Those that were captured and charged. What about those who were not caught. They are walking among us in Illinois, Wisc and elsewhere.

    It is well past the time for serious police and military action whenever one of these so-called police incidents brings in local and no doubt remote thugs. Time for the president to have a plan where US Military in bases around the US is on constant alert for these riots and brought in quickly on aircraft to quell the riots, curtail arson and looting and arrest the thugs involved. There will be those, left wingers and others, who say according to posse comititius that you can’t bring in federal troops to quell a “domestic” riot. That needs to be changed. Why is the US wasting troop effort in Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc when the real threat to the US in INTERNAL. US Troops are needed to put down anarchy and insurrection as evidenced in places like Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, etc.

    The US is not under threat from the Vietnamese as in the 1960’s. Or the Russkies invading the US. Or the Chinese invading the US with troops(they did that without troops and the virus earlier this year).

    Why are we citizens and owners of businesses paying dollars to the US Government and not getting protection from the anarchists and revolutionaries who are internal, not foreign, who are intent on bringing down the US GOvernment?

  11. Interesting tidbit. Put in a post at 7:29 PM and as soon as I clicked “Post Comment” after putting in my Name and Email, it appeared. On many other occasions in the past after clicking “Post Comment”, the comment may not appear on the blog for 3 hours or more. Maybe Mr Skinner could look into this. Let’s see if this particular comment gets uploaded and displayed quickly OR in 3 hours or more. What’s going on?

  12. The USA is more of a states’ rights country than a federalist country. 😐

    If the USA had been zoned into provinces, we’d have more uniform laws and federal police similar to Canada and Australia. 😐

  13. bred winner: in the past Cal says he has no control of when posts get posted.

    He really should look into it further,many have noted it previously– most sites that allow comments post comments instantaneously unless curse or racist words used.b

  14. All of the money donated to BLM should be seized and given to the businesses they destroyed

  15. Bred, I noticed that hitting the “save” box w/your name and email seems to ensure you pop right up.


  16. Bob? I told him that years ago. His techy is a moron that blocked me when I tried to help them with this problem. Cal’s solution was always, “beats me.” You’re lucky you can even get this site to appear now! For months all I got was Chinese characters. A full page of them. This place has been hacked for years now. A week from now it will be a moot point.

  17. Even though he has no jurisdiction in this case, we need to get the opinion of Patrick Kenneally so we may know what is happening.

    Then we can do the opposite!

  18. I fully expect that our military is currently working on plans to deal with this violence.

    My expectation is that the left will not accept the election and decide to “peacefully protest”.

    Once that gets to a certain point Trump will invoke the insurrection act and that will be the end of it.

    These people are terrified of a 17 year old like Rittenhouse, they will piss themselves once the military shows up.

    They have basically declared a revolution against our constitution.

    The left wishes to radically alter our form of government.

    They still have not accepted the election from 2016.

    If you are openly calling for tearing down our government institutions, then we have every right to use military force to oppose you.

  19. Andre, not Keneally for McHenry, it’s Nerheim in Lake County.


  20. Violent overthrow IS insurrection.

    Leading right into the election, let’s see if that’s a bet he takes.

    Doing it before the election would be a grand “all in” moment.

    I’m sure he’s weighing it.


  21. It will be after the election. Trump has shown much patience in giving them enough rope to hang themselves with, why would he change now?

  22. I agree Neal. I’m sure he’s well aware of the relatively small sliver of the electorate he needs to close the sale.

    While most of them probably lean law and order, I think most of them are more satisfied with the idea that he probably will do something, rather than actually having something seriously “done”.

    At least pre-election day.

    Not that he wouldn’t or won’t anyway!


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