IL-06/IL-14/IL-17: Digital Ad We’d Like to See for Illinois Candidates

Dan Crenshaw

Would Republican challengers Jeanne Ives, Jim Oberweis and Esther Joy King participate in this kind of winning message?

It’s Friday afternoon and less than 40 days from Election Day, so McHenry County Blog wants us all to have some fun, and possibly storyboard the Illinois version of this outstanding digital ad featuring Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02).

Featured in this ad are Republican nominees in five Texas congressional districts: TX-07, TX-11, TX-23, TX-24, TX-32

The 7th and 32nd are held by first-term Democrats, the other 3 districts are open and facing significant Democrat competition.

From Caleb J. Hull of the Targeted Victory advertising firm, which is part of The Stagwell Group:

In comments, please offer your suggestions/storyboard ideas to include Ives, Oberweis and King in a similar scenario, and choose whether the organizer is Dan Crenshaw, or some other recognized figure.

Have fun!


IL-06/IL-14/IL-17: Digital Ad We’d Like to See for Illinois Candidates — 7 Comments

  1. 31st Ward you are obviously a D.

    This ad has gotten so much nationwide play that it is objectively not lame.

    Have a nice day and good luck.

  2. Mayor Beetlejuice called it ‘pure fascism.’

    So it can’t be bad!

  3. This is great stuff.

    It has to be the most original campaign ad I have ever seen.

    This kind of stuff will get the attention of our younger generation.

  4. **Dan Crenshaw, or some other recognized figure**

    You continue to very much overestimate the number of people in CD6/CD14 that know who Crenshaw is.

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