IL-14: Shaw Media Endorsement of Lauren Underwood Betrays Bias and Laziness

Lauren Underwood

Incumbent being endorsed is no surprise, but what was said of 14th district would astonish voters

The Shaw Media Local News Network of newspapers, with multiple publications across the 14th congressional district, endorsed Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s reelection.

The entire editorial published in the Northwest Herald can be viewed here.

COMMENTARY: The fact Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was endorsed by Shaw Media surprises no one. McHenry County Blog published its observations of the joint Shaw Media/Daily Herald editorial boards virtual interview, noting Underwood did much better than Republican challenger Jim Oberweis. Underwood being endorsed by both Shaw and the Daily Herald simply confirmed the clear evidence Oberweis at the interview was clearly bested, in spite of Underwood’s less than truthful answers.

What’s astonishing is what Shaw Media, led by Jon Styf, said of Underwood’s record, and the legislation championed by Underwood, per the opening paragraphs with emphasis added.

“In making his appeal to voters for election to Congress from the 14th Congressional District, Republican state Sen. Jim Oberweis of Sugar Grove attempts to paint the freshman incumbent, Democrat Lauren Underwood of Naperville, as being out of touch with the values of the diverse suburban and rural district. We disagree.

“Since her election to Congress in 2018, Underwood, as a member of House committees dealing with education and the workforce, veterans affairs and homeland security, has emerged as an effective champion of mainstream legislation intended to benefit her constituents throughout the 14th District.”

Speaker Pelosi

The truth, Oberweis is correct, the vast majority of legislation passed in the House in the 116th Congress are out of the mainstream and had little to no real bipartisan support. Underwood supported all of the bills, as Oberweis stated the truth the Congresswoman votes 100% with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-12).

As McHenry County Blog said in its article of September 10, Oberweis did not name any examples of the real radical, Leftist bills, he just kept saying “100% with Nancy Pelosi”. Whether had he called out specifics made a difference to the decision makers is not relevant, Oberweis had to get past National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) talking points, and cite examples. Underwood would retort how Oberweis is distorting her record. No, he would have told the truth.

As a quick refresher, the September 2 McHenry County Blog article shows the Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02) list of radical Democrat legislation passed in the House is a great place to start. The Blog added a table of these same 10 bills, and how little Republican support they received at final passage.

The next call out shows how the Daily Herald bested Shaw Media at the joint meeting, as this excerpt with emphasis added:

“As a registered nurse who has a heart condition that she says informs her stand on health care issues, Underwood secured passage in Congress of the Lower Insulin Costs Now Act, which reduced the cost of insulin by making generic brands available more widely and sooner. President Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill into law in December 2019.

While the Daily Herald‘s reporter Russell Lissau openly challenged Underwood’s assertion she had 3 of her bills being signed into law by President Trump, to which she responded with a deflection of the different ways a bill can become law, the Shaw Media team slept through the exchange, and betraying laziness published Underwood’s claim without question about the insulin bill. The Daily Herald call out was in the final editorial but not Shaw.

As McHenry County Blog published in late December, and again on September 13, Shaw Media published exactly what the Lower Insulin Costs Now Act does including the whole truth that all it did was extend a date. Additionally, Underwood did not do the heavy lifting to pass the legislation as part of the Appropriations omnibus bill, but senior members negotiating with the Senate did the real lifting.

Jim Oberweis

The rest of the editorial endorsement recycled much of Shaw Media’s comparison of healthcare approaches of Underwood and Oberweis published in late summer.

The responsibility of Oberweis’ performance at the Daily Herald/Shaw Media joint interview is squarely on Jim Oberweis. But as has been said by Blog commenters, newspaper endorsements don’t carry the weight they once did and haven’t for over two decades.

Timing is everything in politics, and while Underwood has received the newspaper endorsements from three media companies, the rioting taking place in Louisville, and Oberweis’ TV commercial still on the air reinforcing Oberweis’ message on Underwood’s position on rioting has more of an impact than all three endorsements combined, especially when his commercials air during evening news hour.


IL-14: Shaw Media Endorsement of Lauren Underwood Betrays Bias and Laziness — 12 Comments

  1. Dirty Underwear is being sanitized by creeps like Styffie, but the stains are indelible and can’t be bleached out.

    They also stink to high heaven.

  2. How can anybody in there right mind buy the. NWH fishwrapper?

  3. So Shaw Media endorses a smiling Marxist/racist for reelection, imagine that.

  4. Does Underwood or Styf suffer from coprophilia?

    Can Mayo be of help?

    Coprophilia can be said to be liking the smell, taste, or feel of feces in a sexual way. … Eating feces is also known as coprophagia. This is bad for one’s body. A person who eats feces is at risk of getting sick through hepatitis, infection, and AIDS.

  5. NW WHat?

    I always vote against their endorsees

    Can’t Underwood be made to take a drug test?

  6. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the logic of their endorsements.

    The only thing that explains how they do endorsements is that they just pick the safest, likeliest to win candidate(s) in each contest.

    Look at their endorsements to doublecheck, but is there ANYWHERE where they are picking the underdog?

    I think they just follow public opinion and THEN attempt to justify the endorsements which is why their explanations are so weak.

  7. Mark Sweetwood’s stench still permeates the NWH offices.

    They just can’t get it out.

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