Dems Move to Fear to Pass Tax Hike Constitutional Amendment

Illinois Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton got the headline two days ago for announcing Democrats plan to hike income taxes by 20%, if the Democrats constitutional amendment does not pass in November.

I find it interesting that when the Dems were talking about increasing the income tax from 3 to 5%, they promoted it as a “two percent” tax hike.

Now increasing the tax from basically 5% to 6% isn’t a “one percent” tax hike; it’s a twenty percent tax hike.

Ah, marketing.

And yesterday, Governor JB Pritzker says it will be the Republican fault if the income tax has to be dramatically increased:

Pritzker blame Republicans if income taxes increased.


Dems Move to Fear to Pass Tax Hike Constitutional Amendment — 13 Comments

  1. Lt. Gov. Being pimped by Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony to
    instill fear amongst the citizenry because the shonda is to cowardly to
    do it himself.
    This self entitled greedy fat bastard is as evil as they come.
    Vote NO, call their bluff and make them try to raise income tax 20% across
    the board. The mass exodus from Illinois will finish off the state forever.

  2. Offended at being threatened by politicians, especially oppressive abusive ones!

    Starting the Covid king.

  3. An increase from 5% to 7% is a 40% increase – not 20%. Doesn’t anyone check the math?

  4. Pritzker trying to blame Republicans for a possible tax increase put in effect by Democrats in Sprin/field?

    Typical nonsense from a Democrat.

    What a joke.

    That is like an arsonist saying that someone from the Fire Department is to blame for a fire he started because a Firefighter was not there to stop him.

  5. Exactly all they got is to spread chicken little fear mongering!

  6. Why doesn’t Pritzker just blame the state’s pension crisis on Trump.

    If that fails blame Putin.

  7. The problem is when you accept a “fair tax” as they call it, it’s like surrendering to the government.

    You will now be limited in your income once you make more than what the government says is fair.

    You are basically agreeing to being one of the masses who depends on the government with a tax system like that.

    A truly fair tax would be the same for everyone.

    If everyone pays the same percent, the people who make more money will be paying more in proportion to their higher income.

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