Franks Sends Press Release Saying He Favors Tax Flat Levy

Jack Franks decided to cut me off the McHenry County press release distribution list after he took officein 2016.

So, all I’ve seen about his latest missive is this Google summary of what his favorite medium, the Northwest Herald wrote:


Franks Sends Press Release Saying He Favors Tax Flat Levy — 14 Comments

  1. Sorry Jackal, not good enough. RINO enablers, SHAME on you too!

    I’m talking about you Jung, Althoff & Co.

  2. How about cutting it by 50%?

    We are in an economic catastrophe.

    Why is govt exempt from cuts!!!!!?????!!!!!

  3. Once again campaigning “on company time.”

    Of course, NWH showcasing everything positive that goes on at the County Board is attributable to Franks.

    I hear that he’s hardly ever at the government center, but then why should he when he has highly paid staff and Peter Austin scurrying around doing his/Franks’ bidding.

    Photo ops and press, ha ha, coverage feed that big ego.

  4. Does Jack Franks say he’ll save money by firing his patronage hires?

    One of which is a very Pro-Franks former editor of the Northwest Herald..?

  5. And will Jack Franks’ NEXT “press release” explain the sexual assault allegations against him, and the ONGOING investigation of Franks by the State Police..?

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