County Increases All Assessments in Algonquin Township by Almost by 4.48%

Township assessors are supposed to assess property on the average of one-third of market value as defined by a three-year average.

If a comparison of assessments to sales prices do not show that to be the result, the Supervisor of Assessments increases (decreases are possible) all assessments by a constant.

I just received a notice of the imposition of a township multiplier of 4.48%.

I’m not freaking out because, other things being equal, tax rates will decrease by approximately the same percentage.

The other things that need to stay equal is the amount of money being levied by tax districts, which remain to be seen.


County Increases All Assessments in Algonquin Township by Almost by 4.48% — 21 Comments

  1. If your talking about the equalizer for townships that comes from the state, McHenry township increased 5.3%

    Please explain how tax rates are decreasing?

  2. If all properties are increase by the same amount for most tax districts (think schools) and the amount requested from tax districts is about the same, one’s tax bill would be about the same as the year before.

  3. Got the same increase here and I don’t see anything wrong with your line of reasoning.

    I do intend to pursue an appeal on comparable sales though, which if successful would lower my year to year taxes by the same logic.

  4. Unless you are in Grafton Township and a guy named AL makes “clerical errors” that helps his subdivision “area 85” by lowering most of the property assessments EAV by 40-50% and conveniently forgetting to include the amenities like swimming pools, walk out basements, lake fronts etc…, including the Lakewood President’s property, which then causes everyone else’s property EAVs to go up to make up for the upper end discounts.

    Now look up PIN 18-11-303-015 and see how low he assessed that multi-million dollar property at.

    This guy needs a wake up call and the States Attorney to do his job and start issuing subpoenas for his computer and other records, there could be serious crimes uncovered with a grand jury investigation, where there is smoke, there is fire and Grafton is ablaze.

    The Assessors position needs new legislation to rein in their power, right now they are insulated from sunshine to open their books and that is never good.

  5. Grafton Township’s equalizer was 1.0262, almost half of Algonquin and McHenry townships so our office stands by our accuracy.

    Compare that to the poster “Joe’s” inability to perform even basic math. Below is an excerpt from our e-mail thread.

    “…how you can assess my home for above the median…”

    Per the document I sent: “2019 median neighborhood value: $231,669.”

    Your 2019 assessment was $64,846 which equates to a market value of $194,538.

    That’s roughly $40,000 below the median value.

    Regarding 18-11-303-015, where’s the evidence to substantiate his claim of a “…multi-million dollar property…”?

    “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

  6. Al Zielinski receives brickbats from idiots.

    He’s the most competent of the township assessors in the county and helped me with my reassessment.

    The worst Assessor is Mahady in McHenry Township.

    I have that on good authority from a variety of taxpayers.

    Republicans always seem to do poorly.

    Just take democratic ballots in the primary I tell my GOP friends, to ‘change their luck.’

  7. Our real estate taxes are way too high. School Districts need to cut their yearly spending by at least 5 percent each year over the next 10 years.. Cut fat. Cut administrative redundant and wasteful jobs. Freeze or lower salaries for teachers and administrative positions that are truly essential. Every single job position in school districts, teachers and especially so-called administrators need to be justified.

    Other States run their school districts at far lower “Cost per student” than here in our County and Illinois. And with better outcomes per student.

    We taxpayers in McHenry County are chumps and dopes for allowing school districts to take from us far more than is needed to effectively and efficiently run our schools.

  8. A quote from W. Edwards Deming at 2:14 PM.

    A well informed poster.

    Would guess that 99.99 percent of Americans are not aware of quality management expert guru Deming who helped Japan after WW II to achieve its high quality and reliability in products.

    US was producing garbage quality in its vehicles in the 1980’s and Japan came along and showed how to make high quality and reliability cars such as Honda and Toyota.

  9. Asian culture plays the long game. Like Warren Buffet. Slow and steady wins. Or at least is always a tree bearing fruit reliably. Like their cars.

    Ironically, Demming tried to get Detroit Interested in his science and methodology, but they didn’t see a buck in it.

    The Japanese, however, were more than happy to make his acquaintance. The continual refinement of product and process seems more akin to their culture.


  10. As usual, Al Zielinski continues to be a lying sack when it comes to his numbers.

    He continues to tout the equalizer. Equalizer has nothing to do with accuracy. Multiple Assessors have said so and Zielinski himself stated it in a presentation when he was double dipping as Boone County Assessor.

    And the Grafton sales ratio is WAYYYYYYYYYY below what Ottley had it before you.

    And what data you have seeped out shows your assessments are crap. Take Lakewood President Phil Stephan’s neighborhood of “Turnberry South” for example. When you had those homes grouped with Turnberry for the 2015 Quadrennial, the Median Sales Price was $400k for that neighborhood and the minimum sales price was $227k. (Per your own damn reports.) And at that point, you assessed the lakefront mansion mentioned above (PIN 18-11-303-015) at $886k. And you had assessed Stephan’s home at $380k.

    Then for 2019 you created that “new” neighborhood of Turnberry South, (yet befuddingly failed to include Homes on Palmer Drive and Trevino Way.) And with this Turnberry South…you still stated in reports that the Median Sales Price was $431k and the minimum sale was at $310k. All figures higher than Turnberry in 2015.

    But despite the Median Sales price slightly rising, you dropped the FCV of that lakefront mansion to $800k. That was despite the fact that another lakefront mansion next to it SOLD FOR $1.03 MILLION…$25 sales dollars per square foot higher than what you pegged it at.

    Oh, and in 2019 you chopped the FCV of Phil Stephan’s home to $241k. Even after your so called “error,” Stephan’s house is still way under assessed at $298k…for a Luxury home with a pool that backs to a Golf Course. Any ranch homes in that neighborhood that did sell were for at $150 sales dollars a square foot and you assessed this WAYYYYYY below that.

    Oh, and you sales chase homes, despite case law and IAAO standards clearly stating you shouldn’t. Dumb.

    So the data says you’re full of it. Which is why we keep asking questions. But if you disagree, submit to an audit. We all know the reason you refuse.

    (P.S. Lee’s good you got some answers from Al. We harp on him because when we asked tougher questions, he would lie to us. Maybe at your next meeting with him, ask how his lakefront address got dropped 24% on appeal in 2018, or how he lied about how Grafton’s computer vendor took him golfing, or how he racked up hundreds of dollars in business expenses for a trip to….Rockford? The list goes on…)

  11. Below is an exactly what I said regarding equalizers.

    Both are correct, factual statements.

    “Please educate taxing bodies EQs are solely corrective; they are not valuation factors.”

    “Upping budgets the same as the EQ is not a zero-sum process!”

    “And the Grafton sales ratio is WAYYYYYYYYYY below what Ottley had it before you.”

    Equalizers convey the accuracy of assessments relative to the statutory requirement of 33.33%.

    Therefore, equalizers closer to 1 indicate a more precise tolerance with 33.33%.

    Thank you for making my point regarding our office’s accuracy.

    Regarding Deming, implementing several Six Sigma processes helped achieve our office’s track record of accuracy over the years.

    The dedication of the office staff was another.

  12. Al you ignorant slut,

    The bottom line is the County Assessor, which actually sets the equalizer, has stated multiple times that it is not an indication of accuracy. The IDOR doesn’t track equalizers either. It does track sales ratios. I’ve seen yours for 2019, and it’s not best in the county and it’s not close to 33.3%.

    And let’s point out too, your own sales ratio reports shows you were uneven in the neighborhoods you assess. And you deny any real examination of your books.

    So spare us the gaslighting. You fail to make legitimate, verifiable claims. You never properly explained how/why you created Turnberry South or the dumbassery noted above. You sales chase and when asked legit questions you talk in circles. Maybe you want to expand on the fact that when you finally switched full time at Boone, you barely lasted a month there and was still working the Grafton Job.

  13. How accurate are you Al? Lets ask Mr. Ross at the county who has had to try to fix all your crappy over-assessments. How many appeals last year and this year are there? Look on for this house you assessed at about 800K from the earlier PIN 18-11-303-015, look at the pictures and see the description, they just listed it for sale for 1.4 million and boast that the taxes are “only” 23k. This is a 12,500 square foot home on a 6 acre waterfront lot, the home has heated floors, hand crafted ceilings and an Elevator to boot, just to name a few features, see the rest below. I believe it was built 13 years ago for over $2 million. How many other homes in the area are devalued about 60% by you in a 13 year period, other than your neighbors? This is in your area of Lakewood and it looks like you are trying to start a class war with your assessments IMHO. You rob from the poor to give to the rich. People who own a home of this magnitude are not worried about paying their fair share of the taxes, that is a badge of honor to them, they don’t need your favors at the expense of others. I don’t want to pick on this home, but it is one of the most egregiously underassessed homes IMHO in your portfolio. I have the spread sheet of all your assessed homes, there are scores more and most of them are in YOUR Lakewood area, some in Boulder Ridge, while you practiced a colonoscopy of the smaller homes in CL and LITH without a medical license. This mansion is assessed at about $67 a square foot while that other home in CL that is 900 square feet and it 35 years old, was raised 33% and assessed at $200 a square foot by you. You are running this assessors office like the crooks in Chicago. On a side note, who drives from Lakewood to Rockford on the people’s dime for a CE class and decides on his own to stay at a hotel on the people’s dime, and then goes to Popeye’s Chicken for dinner and spends and bills the taxpayers $35, while the other employee drove home to Marengo and didn’t incur any lodging and dinner costs to the taxpayers? You did AL, like a glutton, how many people can eat $35 in chicken for dinner, only you Al, only you?

    PIN from above is listed as “Masterfully Designed Waterfront Estate situated on 6 Serene Acres. This Sprawling Ranch has an Open Floor Plan with Over 12,000SqFt of Luxury Living Space. 20′ Ceilings in the Dining & Living Room with Sunken Bar. Gourmet Eat-in Kitchen with Professional Grade Appliances. Master Suite and In-Law Arrangement. Swarovski Crystal Lighting & Chandeliers Throughout! Sun Room & Library with Custom Millwork & Coffered Ceilings with 8′ Tall Interior Doors. Take the Elevator to the Walkout LL with 2 Recreation Rooms, Full Bar, 2nd Kitchen & Home Theater with Floor to Ceiling Panoramic Views. Magnificent Grounds include In-ground Pool with Water Features, Patio, Wrought Iron Gazebo and Boat Dock. Radiant Heat in all Floors & Garages. Home Features a Standby Generator and Snowmelt System. 5 Fireplaces & 7.1 Luxury Baths! This One of a Kind Estate is Perfectly Designed for Relaxing and Entertaining!”

    Boat Slip
    Pool In-Ground
    Other Structures: Gazebo
    Interior Features
    Heated Floors
    1st Floor Bedroom
    In-Law Arrangement
    1st Floor Laundry
    2nd Kitchen
    Exercise Room
    Great Room
    Recreation Room
    Sewing Room
    Sitting Room
    Sun/Florida Room Heated
    Theatre Room
    Other Rooms
    Total Rooms: 17
    Bedrooms (Above Grade): 4
    Bedrooms (All Levels): 4
    Description: Cul-de-sac, Lake Front, Landscaped Professionally, Water View, Lot size:5.0-5.99 Acres
    Lot Size Dimensions: 200X425X150X290
    Garage and Parking
    Driveway: Asphalt, Concrete
    Garage Spaces: 4

  14. Seems like Al should be in jail.

    This is just another reason to eliminate townships in order to get a fairer, uniform county measure.

    Why do Al’s friends get such breaks????

  15. Zielinski is really something.

    A weird hybrid who’d fit ‘quite nicely’ as a Soviet, Cuban or mafia functionary.

    He likes to ‘cut corners’ when assessing .

  16. Al, we have also not forgot that you tried to BUY the election for the assessors office.

    Remember that???

    Tara was running against you, you offered her a full time job and your endorsement in the next election if she dropped out.

    She jad to much integrity and dropped a dime to the media.

    You got outed!!

    You play politics just like Madigan!!!

  17. I am so done with this corrupt state where its easy for people like this to get into these postions.

    I was able to finallllllyyyyy!

    Drop my mortgage thru a refi a few months ago only to get hit by this BS tax increase sky rocketing my payment more than what it was before refinancing.

    How do we ever get ahead living here???

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