Lower Fox River Trump Boat Parade

Pictures are starting to come in from Friends of McHenry County Blog.

These are from Jim Magel, 2016 Alternate Delegate for Donald Trump.

They were taken at Riverside Park in Fox River Grove:


Lower Fox River Trump Boat Parade — 14 Comments

  1. There were several hundred boats, at least 200 supporters on the shore at the park I was at.

    The parking lot was full.

    I heard there was a Biden parade but was comprised of submarines and went unnoticed.

    a nod to his basement campaign and per other events no one showed to support him.

  2. Any of the local FAKE NEWS MEDIA there covering this ?

    No ?

    What a surprise.

    They must be too busy trying to dig up dirt on Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

    Sleepy creepy slow Joe wishes he had a following like this.





  3. Where did you view the parade?

    And how about sending some pictures?

  4. I just hope these people actually vote and get 20 others to vote for Trump too, to nullify all the cheating of the communists.

  5. What did “Morons for Biden” do today to promote their doofus dementia racist sexist mummy Joe Biden, the sidekick to Barak Hussein Obama, the worst ever president of the US and the most corrupt administration, actually a regime, in US history.

    The dumb Democrat Party will declare a victory in the Sept 29 Trump/Biden debate simply IF Biden shows up from out of his basement and is awake and on his feet at the conclusion of the debate.

    Will the dope Biden challenge Trump to do pushups?

    Or will dope Biden insult Trump as he did earlier this year with a very young woman calling her a “Dog faced Pony Soldier?

    Will dope Biden criticize Trump’s hair as have numerous mostly left wing media over the last 4 years?

  6. Great day today…I was at this location too, there was a drone overhead so somebody/group has some great shots.

    People were so friendly, approachable, happy.

    Great occasion on shore and in the water.

    Spotted former FRG Village President, McHenry County Board member, Dan Shea enjoying the festivities.

    Well done—thanks for doing the lower Fox.

  7. Maybe the celebration should wait till Inauguration Day.

    Get to work jerks.

  8. Love the folks who put the Don & Melania cut-outs over their faces.

    Must be too embarrased that they’re Trump supporters?

    I would be.

  9. These people swan around the Fox, they should be calling everybody they know in Wisconsin and getting them to vote!

  10. I wish all you Dumpers would stay in the bunker like your dictator wannabe Trump.

    Keep the river clean!

    Keep the Trump flag and garbage supporters out!

  11. If you support a president who tells a violent white supremacists group to “standby”, you are a pathetic racist and I hope your boat sinks.

  12. Hey everybody, I’m a big dummy Trumper!!

    And I’m rooting for the guy who lied to to whole country and said we would go from 3 total cases of COVID-19 to 1.

    Now he has 205K people’s blood on his hands for doing nothing at all!

    I sure hope he wins again so we can have even more deaths! Cause that will help the economy!

    I listen to everything FOX and Friends says!

    I just think Trump is a great business man who has been bankrupt 8 times, shafted people out of millions of dollars and only paid taxes 5 out of 15 years! That feels fair!

    I am going to fly my stupid flags (all cheaply made in Jina) so everyone knows I am a racist proud boy!

    All hail dump!

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